bathing plants....

emerald1951January 1, 2010

Hi and Happy New Year to everyone...

today is bright and sunny and below 0' here in Minnesota..

soooooooo I thought its a good day to relax and give my plants a bath....(in the kitchen sink)

so far I have done all (46) plants in the kitchen and the dining room..and thats washing off the pots and plant stands...

so I thought I would take a break and see whats happening on here....

I have a question for all...

I used to always wash my plants off 2 or 3 times over the winter months and I never had problems with bugs..

and this past year, in spring I had mealy bugs...

and summer was fine but my plants were all outside and got rained on and sprayed off with the hose and no bugs..

then came fall and I had a plant covered with cyclamen bug

and I put the plant in the shower and that was the end off them... is it the spraying the plants off that keeps the bugs away????


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Hi again, I just got done showering all my plants from the living room, (53 and 3 living wearths that have multiple plants in them)..they all look really good so bright and much more green....
I hope this helps keep away any bugs....which I did not fined any.......not even those little flys that are around sometimes......
thanks for stopping and reading the post...linda

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Linda, sounds like your plants enjoyed the bath,lol...I'm glad you didn't find any bugs in your plants. Sounds like they are so much prettier, greener and shiny like you said.
I can't get over the fact that you guys are below 0°...OMG that is sooooo cold! I am complaining because we will have a long stretch of cold weather here in sunny florida...low to mid 30's for 5 nights in a row! We are just NOT used to this kind of weather,lol...

Thanks for sharing one of your bug deterrent techniques, Enjoy your cleaner and healthier plants!

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Hi........last nights low was -24' and our high today so far is 2'.brrrrrrrrrrr
and thats why I am tinkering with my plants....
and saying spring will be here in 3 1/2 months...
can't wait...........

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It's too cold for bugs to survive there in the winter. ;)
The baths might help a little bit but if only bathing once a month I doubt that is keeping them away. I think you just are lucky or more likely take good care of them.

Going outside to deadhead roses...

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Linda, that is exactly how I keep the bugs off myself too..

In fact, throwing them outside after a shower into the negative 0 weather would certainly take care of any pests if there were any in a

Great job!!

I do this too. Thank God for those little hand held sink sprays ha? I notice a big dfference in mine too..Shiny, healthy, and pest free for the first time this year..

Sometimes, I have to lug most over 70 or more to the shower..To save time, I even let a couple here and there shower with me....:-). Those ones always seem to do best!! Don't you have a feeling of contentment and satisfaction once done though?

Sort of like doing the laundry. I hate doing it or making the time, but once the clothes are folded and smell good, I am glad I did it!

Yes, it defeinately helps keep the bugs away. You know what else does? Not bringing any new ones near them until washed and quarenteened for a week or two..I learned this finally!

Keep smiling


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

A quick wash helps keep indoor plants shiny & healthy looking., But it won't get rid of cyclamen mites.

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I can't be 100% sure the warm shower was the end of the cyclamen mite, but I didn't have any after I did it..
I read about it in one of my plant books and it said there was no spray that would kill them, but a very warm shower for 15-20 min. would get rid of them...worked for me...
I know plants take in alot though their leaves and a good cleaning helps I have gotten more and more plants I have not been doing it, so I am going to get back in the habit of showering them off....

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Em, good for go
I've been washing plants for years...daily misting, weekly or bi-wkly showering in the sink or tub..I can honestly say I haven't seen insects in years. Plus I spray an organic, 'home-made' insecticide, every so often, from fall to spring/summer.
This year, things changed. Preparing for Christmas took a LOT of time. (more than a month) Other than basic watering, I haven't misted or hosed plants on the main floor of the house.
Upstairs plants that were misted/showered are insect-free...last wk I noticed webbs on my Brighamia. Then, last night, 'while misting' I found a webb-loaded Crown of Thorns.
For the record, I don't mist succulents..but, once a month each is taken to the sink and hosed..'without wetting soil.'
Yesterday I put away the last Christmas decoration, finished w/gifts, cards and baking. Today, I started hosing plants in the sink..I haven't yet inspected each and every plant, and to be honest, I fear doing so.

So, imo, washing plants makes a big difference. Not only does it keep insects at bay, after a nice, warm shower plants look nice and healthy.

Spraying increases humidity, too..and last but not least, it's a great, and FREE exorcise program. lol. Think about it..Walking back and forth, carrying plants..better and more economical than any exorcise program out

Oh, and for those of use who live in cold climates, working w/plants lifts our spirits..

Temps here have been 0F, give or take a few degrees..simply horrible and depressing. It's a tad warmer today..20F. lol.

Pug, your 60F degrees, heck, even 32F is a heatwave compared to midwest

Keep hosing..Toni

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Hi I have your temp beat..we were at 28' belowwwwww
and we have been below 0' for a week now and it will be maybe the week end before we get above 0'...maybe...
thank you about showering plants...I have always showered my plants,(and no bugs) but since I have gotten so many I guess I have kinda not done it(and have gotten bugs)...last week end it was so cold (-28') I decided to stay in and fiddle with my plants and shower him and you are right they sure look lots better for it..
never thought about the exercise, your was a long day but everything was so fresh and shining...
thanks again...linda

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So I know this thread has been out of circulation for a while, but I'm curious about your methods of washing plants without soaking the soil? I don't have a sink sprayer so I've always used the shower. I spray upward, but things still get soaked. I tend to be an overwaterer anyway so I don't want to aggravate anything.

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Lexie, most hardware stores sell hose that fit on standard sink faucets.
I bought a rubber hose at Home Depot, for filling humidifer containers. These hose come with adjustments.

To hose a plant without wetting soil, the best way is, first adjust water temp. Hold and tilt plant a bit so water is aimed at leaves, not soil. You'll get used to it, and your plants will appreciate the shower. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Not everyone washes plants; in more than 15+ yrs. growing 'em (in this particular apartment), it's never even crossed my mind & I have some very nice plants.

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Why don't you just rinse them off when they need a good watering? I would assume this is a good time and much easier..It also alllows for the oppurtunity of a good flush of your soil..


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Hi again.....
when I wash off my plants its for two reasons
1. if there is any bugs or pests on the plants.
2. its to clean off any dust, plants do breathe and take in nutrients and the suns light though their leaves...
its a quick spray over the plants and not alot of water gets in the pots..and as Mike said do it when the plants need watering so if you get alot in the pot its OK....and if your pots have good drainage you can go back arround and check the water trays for water and dump them.
the best reason is its usually very cold outside and snowy here in Minnesota...its nice to have something green to fiddle with and think spring is not far
always enjoy the plants ...linda

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I find this subject most interesting as I wash my plants also. When I notice a layer of dust, I get a cloth wet with warm water and gently wipe them off. In the past when I have set them in tub and used shower spray, I have noticed after leaves dry that dust is still there (although I am sure they love the moisture). And recently I tried using a can of liquid air which only dislodged a little of the dust. Do I have super-dust or what?

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Might be minerals from your water. Can leave whiteish spots which wipe off when you rub. I doubt its dust after showering.


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Gave my plants a bath today..:-)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I'd avoid using canned air on plants, not a gentle thing when I've used it for computers.

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