Rubber tree losing all leaves

emakalaJanuary 13, 2007

My poor 8.5 foot tall rubber tree is dropping leaves daily. Soon I'll just have tall rubber tree sticks. The leaves turn a pale yellow in the center before dropping and the new leaves, what few there are, curl under at the edges. Our house is very warm during the day, but does drop down considerably at night. We use wood heat and the air can be dry so I keep a pot of water on the heater to add moisture to the air. The tree did quite well last winter, but the house may not have been this dry but our winter is much colder this year. I thought I might be overwatering it so I cut back a bit, not too wet and not too dry either. This poor plant really needs help.

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What else have you done to increase humidity? Don't spray the plant (waste of time) but do either use a room humidifier or set pots of water around the tree - one pot on the heater may not be enough. You haven't mentioned if it gets decent light - not in a south window necessarily, but it is a tropical and needs good light all day. I'd lengthen the time between waterings for now, though do it well when you do it, but have you also considered that it might be rootbound and need repotting?

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Cut it back in early spring in you can, it will bleed a white sap so wear gloves, clog the bleeding with charcoal or soil and then place outdoors in full sun. next winter try and get a humdifier or get one now. Rubber trees can get very large( think 100 feet or so in the wild) and so benfit from being cut back. It will branch out and look more tree like also in good light new shoots will grow from the nodes by the scars where leaves used to be

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