should I remove cat faced tomato?

shawnannJuly 13, 2009

I have a Prudens Purple tomato plant that has at least 2 very misshapen and cracked up tomatoes. Should I just remove these to give the plant more energy for other tomatoes? Will the other tomatoes develop this? Is there help or just let it run it's course?


Note: there are no pics of this tomato on my blog...It is for optional veiwing.

My Garden Blog

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farmersteve(N. AL Zone 7)

Last night for the burgers I cut up a very large Brandywine OTV (over 1 lb.) that had a fairly large catfaced area on it. I cut away the 'bad' areas of the surface and there was still a lot of tomato left to eat.

Our first Brandywine of the season and it tasted great!


PS It's too bad you feel you have to put the note on your blog link. Some people just overreact. I enjoyed the photos in your blog very much. Thanks for sharing.

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You had a picture of a cat-faced tomato on your blog. And I would leave it and just cut out that area when serving it.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Catfacing is quite common in many varieties and they are still great eating. Just check out all the great photos and discussions on them over on the Growing Tomatoes forum here.

Many times it is the "perfect-looking" tomato that has no flavor. ;)


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Great...I was wondering cause I have been letting it grow. It is getting quite large. I didn't know if it was caused by any kind of fungus or something...I just wanted to be sure that it would be ok.
I had forgotten that I had put something on the blog about it. It has grown a bit. Maybe I'll take a pic of it when it is "ready". It might just be my first ripe tomato of the season. ( I know I am a little behind).

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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

Its up to you. Last year I had few plants that produced many catfaced fruits and I got sick of cutting them up and throwing out half of the fruit. That energy/size could have gone into the remaining fruit if I had culled the fruits when they were little greenies full of splits. But if your plants are fruit challenged you might want to save every bite.

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star_stuff(Greensboro NC 7a)

Nice blog, and nice elk pics! (LOL on the disclaimer)

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granite(z6 NC)

Great blog, I really enjoyed it. Keep us posted on how YOU are doing, as well as the garden. Carrying a baby through the hot summer and fall months is no fun whatsoever. My son pointed out a new gardening tool at Lowes this past weekend; it was an adjustable height gardening stool with a rocker pod bottom. It looked really good, wasn't too expensive, and sat nicely when I tried it out in the store. It is on my wish list for my birthday. If you don't already have a good sitting platform for gardening you might want to check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: garden rocker

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)


Love the blog. I was also pregnant most of this gardening season. I just had my second boy last week.

I usually keep the catface just because I find them interesting looking and I plnted enough tomatoes that it wouldn't bother me if the energy didn't go toward producing more "perfect" looking tomatoes.

Here is a link that might be useful: first year gardener blog

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