Withering Pumpkin Plants

sneed(7)July 22, 2014

Every year my pumpkin plants start OK and then get powdery mildew and then die. This year as soon as the powdery mildew began I started spraying them with a sulphur/water mix. It's not working. Why?

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It is best to spray them before they get PM as a prevention. I have never used sulphur so I can't speak about it. I used potassium bicarbonate and water and now use raw milk and water. I was able to get my plants to keep producing and allow the pumpkins to finish growing last year when they got it. This year I have been spraying before hand. HTH!

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But how do I save these plants now?

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You can clip the worst leaves on your plants but leave some so the pumpkin fruit do not get scalded. Make sure to clean any clippers with rubbing alcohol after using on the pumpkins with PM so it doesn't spread. If there is a plant that is shot and there are some plants that are still growing, I would remove the dying one or at least the worst section of the plant. I would use the milk mixture, 10-20% milk rest water and soak them, top to bottom with a sprayer. I usually spray mine in the evening because I read that the plants are more receptive.

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And even though I have 7 pumpkin plants, so far there are only 2 pumpkins, and it appears one has stopped growing.

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I am sorry to heat that! I love growing cucurbits but I can't stand PM and nothing more irritating than having a beautiful green plant and come out to check on it, only to see a bunch of white spots on it :(. Hope you get it to come back! You're ahead of me in gardening zone so maybe you will have time to save it and get more pumpkins.

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