My local Garden Center (pics)...

Drock(Z5 Boulder, CO)January 20, 2013

I have been avoiding my local garden center for the last two months as I have been trying to avoid acquiring any new plants. Today I decided that I DESERVED a new plant. Snapped a few pictures while I was there and thought that I would share them with you guys.

The Cordyline fruticosa in the green pot above ended going home with me... :)

Feel free to add pics of your Garden Center!

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val1(z4 UT)

Wow! I wish I had a wonderful garden center like that! I could browse for a couple of hours. The nurseries around here have very few houseplants as they specialize in outdoor plantings. The only stores that carry plants during the winter are the the stores like Lowes and Walmart.

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Wow! Amazing. It must be great to have that close to you. I would have grabbed that Ficus lyrata. I can't find one anywhere. It's annoying. It's the one plant that won't cross my path anywhere....hopefully soon tho! After all, I can't wait forever!


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I wish there was a place near me that sold beauiful orchids like orchid collection would be a whole lot more bigger...all I can find are phals and sometimes oncidiums, and if I'm really lucky maybe a slipper...I'm forced to wait for my annual orchid show...

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I have to stay away from those things as no matter how much I plan I still impulse buy lol The "Ramble" at Fairchild gdns, has over 60,000 species for sale!! Greatest disaster was at the" World Orchid Conference",spent over 800 bucks !! Interestingly the most i gave for a single plant was 50 . My original limit was 200!! lol gary

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

OMG! I haven't seen a store like that since I lived in OH! I've asked on AL, gulf coast, and FL forums but haven't gotten any info about any places like that around here.

If you're in central OH, places worth a visit:
- DeMonye's by the airport
- Baker's Village Garden center by the zoo
- the original Strader's on Riverside Dr. (if they still have the greenhouse)
- Plantland on Bethel Rd.
- Oakland Nursery, NW side
- Baker's Acres in Alexandria - not open all year but the biggest, best place, EVER!

I agreed to take my son to Toys'R'Us today, which is really far away, and am going to visit Dothan Nurseries while we're over there. I've called before to ask & they said they have "a lot" of house plants. Will file a report later today or tomorrow...

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Spend a couple of hours there? I would camp out there and tell them I'd be willing to care for their plants for free in exchange!

They should have the sounds of rain, thunder, crickets, and frogs over the intercom to make people feel like they are really in a jungle. Love it and thanks!
It would be hard to not spend a penny there and want to take home every plant you don't have and always wanted for sure.


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The Ficus Wrangler

Drock: Marvelous place.
Plantsa.m.l.: Re: findng a lyrata, why don't you contact some local interior landscapers near you - look under 'plants'in the yellow pages - maybe one of them would order an extra for you the next time they get some.
Purple: What part of FLA are you in? If you're ever in the St Pete area, I could send you some addresses to nice plant stores, not so big as the one Drock shows, but nice.

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Ficuswrangler- thanks! I hadn't thought of that. I was gonna try some florists soon but I will try your idea first. Good thinking!


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Derrick, where is your garden shop? My daughter recently moved to the Denver area, and next time we visit, I'd like to do some shopping :)

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Drock(Z5 Boulder, CO)

Wow, you guys make me feel lucky! I thought everyone had something similar nearby. And it is nearby, it is actually within walking distance from my home and conveniently/dangerously located between work and home. It is a great place and as there are times when I stop in at least once a week, they know me there -so I do benefit from the occasional, unexpected regulars discount. My wife usually works Saturdays, so that is when I often go and when I am there by myself, it is very easy to spend at least 3 hours there. The problem is in trying to go home with only one plant. Of course then I obsess over what I did not buy and usually end up going back the next day for just one more plant. As a non-big box, locally owned store, they are a little on the pricey side. But, it always feels good to "buy local". Plus, as a non-big box, they actually take good care of their plants and actually know something about what they sell. They do usually have a great selection of 2" and 4" starter plants that are priced right, so that is usually what I go home with.
Also, the quick pics I snapped were just of the houseplant area. They have quite an extensive selection of outdoor perennials and annuals as well.
Mike: To contribute the jungle feel, there is a large green parrot that has free reign of the place. I was actually able to Google Image search a 2 pics of him/her:

The name is Sturtz and Copelandhref>. They are located at 2851 Valmont in Boulder. If you are going to drive from Denver to Boulder and want a real treat, you should make time to stop at the Butterfly Pavilionhref> in Westminster. Yeah, the butterflies are cool, but the tropical conservatory is amazing!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Well my expectations were exceeded when I visited Dothan Nurseries yesterday. I think you can see my FB album of it, instead of me posting a handful of pics separately. (If I did it right.) I'm already planning the next attack visit!

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Hi Derrick,

Sturtz and Copeland is a great place! It's a little pricey though. Have you ever been to Paulino's Gardens They have much better prices and have great stuff. It's like going to a botanical garden there.

And yes the Butterfly Pavilion is a great place. Especially this time of year. Cold, grey and dead outside and inside it's like a rain forest.


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Drock, what a NICE nursery!

Our local conservatory has birds, but unfortunately don't sell plants..:(

Do they sell, smaller, potted plants? 4-5"?

In our part of IL, all but one family-owned green house closed their doors within the last 5-years.
We usually visit, Ted's in Feb, around Valentine's Day. Can't wait to go this year.

I adore the Conure/Meyer's Parrot..Does he/she talk..How cute! Toni

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Thanks Derrick, I will try to make it to the garden shop and the Butterfly Pavilion this summer when we come to CO. I went to Paulino's in Denver when we were there in August, and like Larry says, it is like going to a botanical garden...but everything is for sale! There is so much to see and do in CO, and we never have enough time to get it all done.

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