Which Is The Real Sansevieria 'Twist'?

aveo5January 25, 2012


I am trying to get the REAL Sansevieria 'Twist'. I am looking at it in a new Logges catalog I just got. It is growing in a spiral and the leaves are also slightly twisted. It looks like a compact 'birdsnest' type of Sans. it is very pretty.

I think that is what the short ones are called. Then I looked online for pictures of 'Twist', and I find 'Twist' and 'Twisted Sister' listed as the same plant, and it shows pictures of a tall plant, that is variegated, but only the leaves are a bit twisted, and it doesnt grow in a spiral, or a 'nest', and it is like 3-4 feet tall.

Is this 'Twisted Sister' and 'Twist' the same plant...and Logees is tricking me with a touched up picture or something like that? I called them, and they are already sold out of it, and they insist it is the right picture. Yet i looked for it from other growers of Sans. plants, and they list 'Twisted Sister' as the only plant that has twisted leaves, and it is a tall variety.

Are there 2 different varieties? Or are these 2 plants the same plant? And it ISN'T compact or a spiral grower,...and it really IS a tall variety with just twisted leaves? Anyone know?

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Yes they are two different plants. One is a Hahnii (bird's nest) type and the other your talking about is a tall growing one that the stems spiral slightly. Twisted sister is where the leaves are growing in a cresent shape. I am haveing a hard time explaing it in words. Check out Arid Lands Greenhouses. They have pictures of them. Just Google the name. Hope it helps.

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I've got a Sans. suffruticosa 'twisted form' here

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i'll go look it up and see the two types at Arid lands. I thought they were WAY to different to be the same plant.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Sorry Aveo5, Wrong sans site. I looked up and realized I gave you wrong direction. Check below. Should be helpful.

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Yea...no 'Twist' at Arid lands....I am going to wait till Logges gets it back in stock and pay their high price. At least i will KNOW it is the compact spiral one i want,...I bought some rhizomes of the Twisted Sister on EBay, for a next to nothing in price,...so if it is ugly, no great loss, if its nice and odd...a great buy! I will just grow it and see how 'Twisted' it gets:).

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