Looking for a place to purchase Easter Cactus

val1(z4 UT)January 31, 2012

I am looking for a good place to purchase an Easter cactus. I bought a huge Thanksgiving cactus in December at Walmart and love it. So now I would like to find an Easter Cactus. I prefer pink or white. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am also open to trades in the spring when my outside plants defrost or when I have had time to root some of my indoor cuttings. Thanks.

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They are not as easy to find as Thanksgiving cactus.last spring I found mine at a Sam's club. Good luck

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There are several on Ebay right now.

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Hi, I have in the passed found some at Home Depot...after Easter....I have a red one you are welcome to have some cuttings...I am looking for a rat tail cactus...but if you don't have one thats ok...you can still have some cuttings if you want a red one...linda
heres a picture of mine taken last year at Easter time...

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val1(z4 UT)

Thanks for the information. :)

Tami -- I did look on eBay and will purchase one there in the spring if I do not find one in the stores around here. Right now I would worry about it freezing in shipping.

Sharon -- I do have a Sam's Club close and will look for one there around Easter. I am glad to hear that people have found them in some of the big stores. That increases my chances of finding one.

Linda -- Thanks for your generous offer. I do not have a rat tail cactus but I may have other things you might like. I have very few house plants because of space and lighting issues. I do have a goldfish plant and I am currently rooting cuttings from it. I have lots of outside plants like lavender, heuchera, iris, sempervium, bleeding hearts, etc. that will be available in the spring if you are interested in trading then. I will look for one at Home Depot and Lowes too.

I was able to talk to the owner of a local nursery today and she was going to see if her distributor can get her one.

Thanks again


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Try Walmart, too. They usually have hundreds of 4 and 6" Easter Cactus. Toni

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val1(z4 UT)

Toni -- Thanks I will look there too.

I am really excited. Today, I was able to find a real Christmas cactus at a local nursery. It is a family owned nursery and she had started some cuttings from a plant that the family has had for many years. It even has a bloom. I will post pictures tomorrow.

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The wal mart in my area used to have them.. Lately,not the last few years.they seem to be getting away from the house plants. I remember when house plants was a house hold name,not so much anymore. LOL...

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Val, hey, that's great news! It's impossible finding a true Christmas Cactus.
Does your nursery happen to do online shipping? :)
You lucked out.
Most if not all Thanksgiving Cactus are sold AS Christmas Cactus. For years I thought my TC were CC..it wasn't until finding GW did I know their real identity.

SSK. Our Walmart stopped selling plants altogether, but since Christmas 2011, they've added display shelves and topped them with greens. 4"-10" potted plants.

Think Walmart over-ordered, 'like other stores,' Poinsettias. There had to be 100 or more, which were tossed out after New Year's.


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val1(z4 UT)

Toni -- I called and the nursery does not do online shipping, she says that she is not set up to do it. If you are wanting a Christmas cactus, I was going to purchase a couple of extra for trading. If you do not want to trade, I am sure we can find a way to get one to you. I do need to tell you that they have been watered overhead and have water spots on the leaves. They have also been planted in a peat based soil that has compacted. However, the water spots wiped off and I plan to repot mine. I felt that was okay for me since they are hard to find. If you are interested please email me.

I will have my husband upload the photos of my new Christmas cacti tonight so I can sure. I need to learn to do it myself. Thanks.

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Em, did I mention I love your CC. Gorgeous.

Val, when will you order? It's too cold to ship plants here now.
My last bunch arrived w/frost-bitten leaves; it wasn't as cold then as now. (nights)
Thanks anyway..Perhaps in spring? Thank you, Toni

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