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kricklesJanuary 28, 2014

I bought a peace lily last year from Lowe's and it did wonderfully for about 11 months, and now it looks awful. I have no experience gardening and I have never had a plant before, so I'm not sure what to do for it but I really love this plant so I would like to help it if I can. It started to look a little droopy about six weeks ago, then a few weeks later I went out of town for three weeks. I left my plant with my mom and she forgot to water it. Now it's really droopy with a lot of dead leaves, and it hasn't been perking up when I water it like it used to. I don't want to water it too much, but I'm also not sure what else to do- could it be the amount of sun or the size of the pot, or a need for fertilizer? Any help would be much appreciated! I should also mentioned that I moved the plant twice during this span of time, if that could have any effect. I've attached a photo, taken from the side where the leaves look extra bad.

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It looks really bad almost like frost damage. It looks like it is in the original pot too. These plants almost always come pot bound and since you bought it at lowes I'm assuming the supplier was Costa Farms. Costa always has amazing looking plants but most of the time I find they are always in the wrong pots or the pots should be changed immediately. If I were you I'd trim off all the dead, black, droopy leaves and see how much green is left. There's always more than one plant in these pots so if you can with out damaging too many healthy roots separate the healthy plants and repot in the same pot.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Did you turn the heat down while you were away? It DOES look like chill injury, which can easily occur at temps well above freezing - especially if they fall quickly.

The dead leaves are goners, so you might as well remove them. You might consider doing some rejuvenation work on your plant by cutting back the top to the crown and doing some root work - sort of giving it a fresh start. That's definitely what I'd do. It'll come back if the problem was 'too dry' or 'too cold', as long as the roots didn't freeze.

Where do you live? You might consider adding a large city near you or at least your state & zone to the user info we all see - like my z5b-6a mid-MI.

If you have questions about my suggestions or need risk reassurance ;-) - let me know.


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I third frost-bite. Are leaves soft or crispy? They look soft gray/black.

Peace Lily is a tropical plant, very sensitive to cold.
Do you know room temperature, or if your plant is before a window where air leaks in?


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Thanks for the help, it could very well be from the cold- I live in New York and it hasn't been above 10 degrees in a while. The temperature indoors isn't too bad, I keep it around sixty, but I was transporting it in the cold so that could have also had an effect. I'm going to try trimming back the dead leaves and checking out the roots. I'll see if that helps, and maybe turn the heat up too. The leaves are soft, not crispy.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

".... but I was transporting it in the cold so that could have also had an effect."



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