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Nazarene1(Zone 6 TN)July 8, 2012

This is my first year gardening, and I'm super excited that I finally seem to be growing something besides leaves :-) My tomatoes have set fruit, my cukes are not far behind, and my butternut squash are starting to vine. I've already learned some great lessons for next year -- most of them on these forums -- andI thought I'd share some pictures of a bit of the progress of my garden at this point.

I planted two types of heirloom tomatoes, Old Kentucky and DePinto. The Old Kentucky have grown big and healthy looking, but alas have set only the two fruit you see here. I had lots of blossoms, but more than a week of 100+ degree days seems to have cooked them, and I had blossom drop en masse.

My DePinto tomatoes, on the other hand, seem headed towards a good crop. Here are some shots of the developing maters.

Here's a long shot of the DePintos. Behind the row, you can also spot the massive tripod I just erected for a fall planting of some red stripe greasy beans.

Despite warnings that it could be difficult for a first-timer to grow them, I've put in a couple short rows of carrots. Here are a couple photos of my Red Core Chantenays.

I've got some Straight 8 cucumbers that got hit by target leaf spot early on, which you can see damage from in the photos, but the newer growth is green and healthy, and busting out all over with blossoms. I got some great advice on this forum for treatment.

These are some beautiful French Breakfast radishes that I originally planted as a trap plant, but no insect seems to have taken a fancy to them. You can also see radishes about six inches from each of the cucumber plants. They should be ready to harvest in a matter of a few days.

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Nice work, and congrats on your progress. Growing something you can actually eat is very exciting. Don't let anyone or anything fool you into thinking you can't do it, or at least try it. Seeds are cheap, so try whatever you want. I dove right into carrots my first year, and they did great. In fact, I planted a 4x4 block in my garden, and quite dense, with around 2-3" spacing, and I had more carrots than I knew what to do with.

In some of your pics there, it looks like you have snow on the ground. I've never heard of using shredded paper for mulch, but I must say, it's a clever idea if you have enough. Good luck, and keep up the good work!


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Nazarene1(Zone 6 TN)

Thanks, Joe!

I didn't have many dollars to spend on materials when I planted my garden, because I had just lost my job, but cardboard and newspaper were readily available for weed retention, and I have a friend who brings me a couple of big bags of shredded paper every couple weeks. It works a bit like straw. I've also gotten probably about 50 lbs of used coffee grounds from Starbucks that I've dressed some of the plants with, although most of that went into a lasagna bed I'm building. I may post a picture of that later.

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Looks great! I didn't have luck with Carrots last year, but that was because something was eating them before they could grow any size, not because they wouldn't grow! :)

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annew21 (zone 7b NC)(7b NC)

Everything looks great!

Carrots are the perfect thing for a new gardener. Don't listen to the naysayers!

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