Leaf problem with my Peppers

CanadamanJuly 12, 2014

Hi everyone,
I am first time gardener, i have planted some costa rican peppers in my backyard and i have noticed that there growth is quiet stunted and there leaves have some sort of problem. I dont have an experience in this issue, so any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Might be aphids...check under leaves. Squish as needed or spray off with water. Also, might be herbicidal damage. Any weed killer sprayed recently?

Looks like you have something munching on them also. Hornworms, slugs, maybe? A nighttime inspection might find the culprit


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Hey Kevin thanks for your reply,really appreciate it. I have tried to use insecticidal soap a couple of times, I haven't used any weed killer sprays. I have been checking the leaves almost regularly, but I have yet to do a night time inspection; I will do an inspection tonight and update on this post. Again very grateful for your advice.

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