Lemon-Lime Philodendron,Worth The Price?

aveo5January 13, 2012

Hi All.

Has anyone bought this philodendron and is now growing it? I have seen it only on EBay...and it would cost about $15 for a small 4in pot of it. Is it worth that? Is it that rare or hard to get?

Does it STAY yellow on some leaves, and green on others? Or is it only the 'lemon' color on the new growth, and then it just turns to regular green over time and looks like a plain ol' philodendron? I like the 'lemon-Lime picture I see, but does it stay that way, or just turn into the regular philo. over time? Is it worth this high price for a tiny pot?

Any opinions would be great. Thanks.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

That's hard to tell with out a proper name or a picture. I saw some variegated philos on Glasshouse Works and it was a lot more that $15. Could be a deal or maybe not. Not enough info.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

There are two eBay auctions by Hirts. One is for the vining type and the other is self-heading "Lemon-Lime Princess." I would ask at the Aroid Forum or Google it.

Am not familiar with either.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Aveo,

I've never bought from EBay, but you DO know it could be a crap shoot right? Whether the plant is worth is or not is one thing (I have NO idea). Whether you'll actually receive what's being advertised is another thing altogether.

Why not try reputable nurseries where a least you'd have some recourse if you weren't happy w/ your purchase?

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

So everyone understands, the plant is not actually $15.00. That amount includes an $8.00 winter shipping charge. Personally, a plant would have to be really, really special for me to pay $8.00 for a 4" pot of it. :-)

I buy from a few trusted sellers on eBay and *never* a seller who doesn't show a photo of the actual plant you're buying.

However, you do have some recourse with the eBay/PayPal Buyer Protection Plan and leaving feedback.

I avoid buying during the winter. Heat packs can cause just as much damage as they prevent. Plus, there are more sellers and more variety offered once the weather is better.


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Ok. I guess I wasnt clear. I meant is THIS philodendron worth that kind of money? Being a VERY common houseplant, I thought this would be the forum to ask about this plants worth. It is a plain ol' philodendron that seems to have either new leaves that are yellow, and then either they turn green,or 'fade' to regular' green. Thus the name 'Lemon-Lime'. A 4in pot is $9, then shipping is $6. From Hirts. I thought maybe someone on HERE might have this plant, have grown it, know if it is as nice and 'Lemon-Lime' in color,so it is worth the money.
Or it is now a very common plant, which it seems to NOT be, that it is only worth like $2 at Wal-Mart. But since no one seems to have even have heard of it, it seems to be worth the cost....maybe?
Hirts is a hit or miss seller. They get it right 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time, they sell junk. I have bought from them like 10 times, 5 times I got junk, and a refund, 5 times I got nice top quality plants.
It is not the 'ariod' upright one, it is the vining one. Like the VERY common plain ol' green philodendron plant.

So I take it no one here is growing it or has heard anything about it? So that means it is either VERY rare, or new to the plant scene, or its super hard to grow and dies on everyone. So I am still at square 1. I buy violets all the time with heat packs in the shipping boxes in the dead of winter, and they arrive in bloom and healthy as can be. I am not worried about shipping. Just wondered if this philo. is worth the money?

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Don't know if it's rare but I did see one that looked like the vining type at my Lowe's today. It was in a six or eight inch hanging basket and was around $12.00. Most of the leaves were that lemon yellow but a few were green so don't know if they eventually change or not.

Unfortunately, I relied on my memory for its name. I do remember it wasn't Lemon-Lime; just looked like it.

Like you, I've found Hirt's to be hit-or-miss.

Let us know what you find out.


PS: Going to HD in the next couple of days. If I find one there, too, I'll let you know. We are lucky: Our HD has a retired nursery owner as its nursery manager.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

My goodness, I like Hirts. I have ordered from them many times and not once did I have a bad experience. I do buy from the web site not E-bay. And I do think I know what your referring to. I have a bright pink philo bush type. I loved it until it kept growing. It is 15 inches tall in just one year's growth. Which means I will have to find a home for it next fall. The vine type would overtake a regular household planting. I wouldn't want one myself.
Back to you question, They will turn to a greener color with age. Only the new growth will have the yellow color. I would wait till spring to purchase one.

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Linda, I've been ordering from Hirts for years..So far, they've never sent an unhealthy, buggy or undersized plant.

Ironically, I ordered both Lemon-Lime Philos the other day, lol.
Today, I'm browsing through the threads, and come across yours..LOL.

Did you buy one or two? lol. Toni

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