Amazon Lily question? Does size matter?

meyermike_1micha(5)January 28, 2014

I would love to grow one of these since I here they can be very fragrant..

But the only ones I ever see are not sold as mature plants, but one or two leaves in a pot, starter plants..
Does it take years to get them to flower, or can they at such a small size?

Thank you

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Purchased four dry bulbs on March 17, 2013.
Potted up on March 18, 2013.
Grew outdoors in part sun/part shade conditions. Sun in morning, shade from midday and on.
Discovered first scape (flower stalk) about a week ago!

My growing season is longer and warmer than yours but you may be able to bring them to bloom in two or three seasons (?).

Carol in Jacksonville

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I use these as bedding plants in my area though I have kept some in pots. One of my favorites as it will flower at least twice a year fairly bug free has a strong aroma .
Noted there is a post on pot culture on this page probably much more useful for you.?? gary

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Oh yeah and thank you..

I saw the pot culture and posts about this plant, but I think I missed the point on how long it would take for a start of this plant, and I mean real small one to bloom..

I thought flowering this plant according to that thread was difficult to get to flower up here in the north, let alone a very small start..

They seem to grow like weeds down there in the south, another reason for me to move there..


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Hi Mike,

Does size matter? lol

Are you thinking about getting Amazon Lily bulbs? If plants are available in your area, why not buy the plant, forget the bulbs.

It's too bad you and I live in cold states, right? We need FL's climate. Our minds, bodies, plants and pets think warm and humid.

I discarded my bulbs after, give or take, 15-years! Leaves grew, but never larger than 8 or so inches..Unless there's a miniature type, my AL was defective.

Never flowered either. So, while cleaning last autumn, I decided to toss the entire plant. Pot and all.

Whatever you decide, good luck..Toni

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Tjhere are at least two species and several hybrids . Not sure about the differences but size of the plant and flowers ?
Have never seen nor heard of any other color. There is a variety called "Christine" that i've heard is much more vigprous ?? gary

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Hello all and Toni!

Here is the thing...Every time I go to Logee's I see these small plants and consider getting myslef one just to walk out empty handed..I even see them sold on E-bay and almost buy one then back down..I keep thinking it would be a waste of time to even try unless I live in those beautiful climates and unless they are very mature...

I am looking for validation on why I should get one at such a young age and what my chances are that they will flower..

Take a look at the size I am talking about..I will link you all. I do know that Logee's has a very big plant so root bound that the roots have engulfed the clay pot and bot is it loaded with flowers..It waffs such a sweet fragrance and supossedly these are the siblings of that plant..

Here is the thing. It is situated in an area where it is protected from inground planted trees but get sunlight through those tress all day long...It's something that I can't copy unless I stick it in my greenhouse...

Here is the link to the plants I am talking about..NOw watch them sell


Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Lilly

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I got Amazon Lily from logee's last year on May and it bloomed for me in the summer (summered outside). See the picture. It was a larger one than the link you posted. But once I brought it indoors, it not doing very good. I will take a picture of it tomorrow to show you how bad it looks now!

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I was curious to see what this plant was. I love Asiatic lily. (my DD is named Lily btw). When I googled it, it was ok. But then I saw the picture of "green dale" plant and boy did that get my attention!! That is beautiful! I would think GD must be a different variety than Logees Christine.? It appears much larger blooms.

Thaks Mike for sharing this plant with us!!

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Here is a picture of it right now. Not a very happy plant, right? I am not sure what's wrong, maybe too cold or too much sun. It sits in front of a southern window, sometime with sheer, some days without. The soil is gritty mix. I was so naive thought to get rid of my peace lily and chinese evergreen plant this coming year, 'cause Amazon lily has the similiar foliage, it flowers and it is fragrant. And I have too many plants for my place. But now I have to rethink again. Makes me longing for the spring more. Hope it will recover to its beauty.

Teisa, mine is logees Christine. What I meant by say larger size was I bought a 6" pot one, the link mike posted is 2" pot?

Mike, tried to send you an email, but could not figure out how on your page?


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Morning All and Mike, :)

Mike, notice the zone? Z10.

If you really want to start from scratch, 'bulbs,' perhaps you should Google or GWD bulb nurseries???
You know my opinion ordering from Logee's. lol

You wouldn't believe the number of catalogs I get via mail, starting in January. Quite a few nurseries specialize in bulbs and seeds.

Green. What a difference between summer and winter!
Your AL looks like it needs a drink. A big, hearty drink.
The good news...after you cut dead foliage, new leaves will sprout.

You said your AL is potted in gritty mix, which dries faster. Although it's said AL's need less water in winter, your plant probably could use more water than if it was potted in soil. Perhaps more humidity...

Gary, don't know if your post was meant for me.
According to Wiki... Eucharis ÃÂ grandiflora (Amazon Lily) is often confused with E. amazonica,[2] usually differing in its slightly smaller flowers.

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Greendale..My goodness!! It was sooooooooooooooo pretty and then to see this happen..I would be so depressed...

My E-mail

I am wondering if it is normal for die back like that just to come back when our days get warmer and longer? It is a bulb plant..Is it a perrenial in the south?
I did not tell anyone that I bought one from Logee's way back when I before I joined here and it did the very same thing in less than a year.
I wonder if this is common or natural?
If so, then I threw away a perfectly normal looking plant going dormant than one that I thought I killed.
Please, I would like to know it's behavior in cooler less lighter climates..

If this is the case, that it's normal leaf die back, then I am getting another as soon as I find out..
It looked so beautiful for you this past summer!

Have you thought of trying the 5.1.1 mix so you never accidently let it dry out too much? I find they like to be even,y moist.

Toni....I would think it would take forever to start from a bulb abd even a little 2 inch pot...That is whay I started this thread in the first place...If I have to wait forever to the blooms then I'll pass unless I can get a much bigger mature one.
Hoping you are well kiddo!

Teisa, your welcome..I have always wanted one to bloom but got scared off for the second time when I found that I can not even bloom mt peace lilly'


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Hi Deebie,

To answer your emailed question, I purchased my bulbs at Plant Ranch Nursery on Beach Blvd in Jacksonville, Florida. I have also seen the bulbs for sale at the Ace Hardware & Nurseries in Jacksonville. I hope you can find some!


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I normally bring the Amazon Lily to shower for watering. It might be too dry or the root is rotting, but I am more suspect it is too cold and now I moved it to another warmer room.

Mike I donot believe it is perennial but what do I know :) I will let you updated this coming spring as we are at almost the same zone. Also, I send you an email, please check.


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HI Greendale..I sure will check-)

By the way..I talked to Logee's to get info on the plant and they said it's natural for the plant to look like that in our climate because of lack of daylight and very warm days..

It is a perennial in the southern states by their standards and will drop their leaves and look like garbage if exposed to cold temps///

Not to worry as they said...Once it is spring and introduced to longer and warmer days it should spring right back. Just be careful about over watering and water as usual if the mix dries out..

They love a south exposed window and a lot more sun than I thought...Try full sun! Yup, the more sun the more flowers...Eastern and western exposure will keep them healthy and alive but stingy on the flowering side up here.


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Morning All,

Mike, then buy the ready-made AL. :)

Shop around. Perhaps you can find sprouts or a small plant. You know where to look..although this time of year is impossible and unsafe to order greens online.

I wish you had mentioned AL's before..I'd have given you my bulbs instead of tossing. You might have had better luck. Toni

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Mike, thanks for sharing what you learned from logees, that make a lot sense. I dug out a small bulb and its bottom is mushy so I think wet and cold did it in. I will keep a closer eye on them and let you guys/gals updated.

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