OK Toni, You Asked for More Pix ;))

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)January 29, 2011

Here's what I did last weekend, on hearing that (a) there were 2 more months of winter & (b) we were headed for yet another snow storm. Here in NYC we've had the snowiest winter on record, EVER.

this one says Spring:

and another a Red Veined Fittonia

and since you know I love succulents:

Sans. Moonshine:

it's a good size plant:

All irresistable cheapies from a local supermarket.

The Red Fittonia was $3.99 (3" pot), same for the AV.

The Sans. originally had doodads on it: fabric, stuffed animal & bow, marked $19.99. Must have been a look on my face, but she said 'no doodads, $9.99' so I said absolutely!!

Quilting a lot & hoping for Spring!

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Oh, is that a sansevieria moonglow? I saw one in a supermarket, went back a few days later to buy it and it was gone. :(

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Great new acquisitions, Karen!


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Karen, you wrote, 'Okay, you Asked for more pix,' I thought you posted 100 or more..I sat down, w/my 'electronic cig,' a bottle of flavored water, all ready to check out your plant pictures..4 pics. lol.

Yep, I've been keeping an eye on US weather..You guys really got hit this year..I bet traffic is a disaster!

The AV bloom colors are so pretty..nice purple and white.
Very nice Fittonia, too..
Karen, yes, I do know how much you love sux and shocked out of all people, you didn't have, 'before last weekend,' a Moon shine/glow, 'is Moon glow and shine two different, Sans?

If you'd have said something, I had an extra..My niece pleaded with me, 'Aunt Antoinete, I love that plant,' in a subtle way kids subtly plead, lol. Well, the then, 9-yr-old Sans is in succulent heaven. I'd have sent to you had you said you didn't have one. I have another MoonGlow, but I gave her the prettier and larger of the two. Sheesh!

Still quilting. Haven't found your quilt page. I don't remember how I came across it to begin with.

Is that it for the pics? :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Thanks Josh, guess I needed an extra shot of living things w/ some color, what w/ all this snow & white everywhere.

I know the Sans as Moonshine, think is probabably same as Moonbeam, who knows, most of my Sans. are no ID. this ID is my guess.

About the belated Moonshine thought for me, thanks, I had one a while back, lost it tho' I don't recall the circumstance. I DO recall that one had a dark green edge on light green leaves that was just spectacular.

Well Toni, I started posting pix a while back, surprising you hadn't seen, since I've postd some at HP, some at C&S, Some at Sans & Some at Hoyas. I have an older computer so it's slow going, to upload to Photobucket & then from there to here. You post pix sometimes right?

Here's a pretty special one; a hydro growing variegated Hoya kerrii. Cool plant, I've had it 2 yrs. no bloom yet, I've been unable to root cuttings.

New growth on a Sans. Mason's Congo (aka Masoniana)

A no ID Sans. that needed a home. I repotted from a tight pot (to another tight pot but new mix) & about 2 months later this pup appeared.

New growth on a ZZ plant in Dec. They usually sprout new shoots in Sept. & Feb., & I was surprised to see the shoots now, don't know if they're early or late. Has anybody else growing ZZs had this experience?

Let's see what else can I show ?

Left or foreward most is a Euphorbia francoisii which has a caudex this shot doesn't show, on the right a Hoya diversifolia, gift from a another fellow GW Member & Hoya lover.

After that another pair of Hoyas:

Left is Hoya australis off cutting from another GW friend which came w/ the adjacent no ID Hoya pubicalyx. On the window sill 2 different Euph. milii, the rear most blooms yellow the front one is newer & of unknown bloom color.

Another no ID Sans. w/ cylindrical but curved leaves, quite handsome to me

Another, but tiny Sans, no ID.

An acquisition from last year, Ficus elastica Burgundy, which I hope to repot in Spring w/Al's help (& hopefully some of his gritty mix). A handsome plant I wish to learn better care for.

Another shot

Enough entertainment for now Toni? It's late, bedtime!!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Now there's a nice spread of plants!
Yes, a little green can help perk the spirits this time of year.

I'm glad to hear that you'll be re-potting the Ficus - you'll have a lot of fun.
Working with the gritty mixes reduces the difficulty of future re-potting...
and it's also cleaner! No more dark water flowing from the botton of the pot.


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Karen..nope, I've never seen your plants before now.
I love your Hoya Kerrii. Don't feel bad it hasn't bloomed. Got my green Kerrii some time in the 90's, not once did it flower. Its vines grew over 6'..while carrying it in the house, my dog moved to another spot, I didn't see him, and I ended up flying from one room to the next. Injured my hand attempting to save the pot from breaking...saved the pot, 'ceramic' but Hoya stems broke. I can't root Hoyas, so they went in the compost. The colors on your Hoya is different. Seems no two var Kerrii's are the same.

Love your E. francoisii and curved Sans. Very interesting, rare. Mine is small but stands erect, common.

Cute F. elastica/Rubber Tree. Another genus that has oddball colors.

Yes, I post pics at times..lazy, lazy..lol..
Plants brighten up gray winter days. Since there's no green outside, might as well surround outselves indoors.

I don't have many Sans...here are my favorites.

Beneath, the tall, spindly Sans came from Thailand.

The last is much shorter. I gave cuttings away. When I bought it, thought it was an Aloe..

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Here's the Sans Moonshine/glow gave to my neice..the second S. moon looks terrible. sheesh

I should have kept it..lol..

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Nice to see your pics. You asked about ZZ Plant. My plant I started from a leaf is sending up a new shoot now, looks like the largest one so far!

I have a Sans like the one in Toni's first picture, but one of the offsets rotted on me, and then one of the leaves on the main plant turned yellow and wrinkly...And Sans are supposed to be able to take all sorts of abuse? Not in my hands!


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Christopher, I realize your post was addressed to Karen..Hope she doesn't mind.
Don't know what it is, but I've killed a good number of Sans. Especially my favorite, '''Gold hahnii.'''
They're absolutely beautiful Sans. Don't know why they die; they're watered similar to other Sans, yet the leaves shrivel and goodbye.
Wonder if they need higher temps than other types?? Toni


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Absolutley beautiful plants everyone, Great job and great pics.


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wandering_willow(6 NYC)

Beautiful plants! What is the Sans that seems to have babies almost like a spider plant? It is beautiful!

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Mike and Wandering..Thanks.
Wandering, I don't recall its species. Toni

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