Garlic :)

art_1(10 CA)July 7, 2012

This is from 10 cloves that I planted last spring. Since I didn't plant in the fall they made many smaller bulbs rather than 10 larger ones. I may try a fall planting this time :)

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Nice art 1! Garlic is on my fall radar. I've never planted it before....

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Do folks in zone 4b/5a also plant in the fall?

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I plant my garlic in the fall, mid October. This year's weather has been particularly kind to the entire Allium family here in Vermont. Onions and garlic did beautifully as they often do but, oh my, the shallots are extraordinarily large.

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Each clove would produce 1 plant. Judging from the picture, you look to have a lot more than 10 plants. Might you have planted the cloves from 10 heads?

Nice harvest. You could replant this fall and have a fantastic harvest next summer.

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Yep -- everyone should plant in the fall. Garlic needs some colder weather to develop fully. And if you plant hardneck, you'll see a scape shoot up sometime in spring or early summer -- be sure to clip this in order to get a bigger head (and they're delicious raw or cooked, too.)

My harvest is now on screens in the shed -- 254 total, not counting the ones that are growing with the squash to keep the squash bugs away. I always give a lot away, but I've also heard that the local pizzeria will trade pizza for organic garlic -- might give that a try.

I was just this morning thinking of taking a picture of it -- looks a lot like yours, only denser, and a couple screens Maybe I'll just use your picture instead :) I like the double entendre: Garlic Art.

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art_1(10 CA)

I could hang it on the wall with the screen as a frame. Might be a little too fragrant though.

Yes this was from 10 cloves. I planted them last spring and they did not produce scapes or die back last year, so I let them go. Early this spring, they had a second growth, produced scapes which I cut and used, and then started to die back. There was a small handful of plants where I planted each clove.

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jas4141(Zone 5)

Interesting that you got multiple garlic clusters from one clove. I've never gotten more than one.

I plant mine in mid to end September in Zone 5 and each clove about 3-4 inches apart. They usually sprout before freezing weather. Since we have had so much hot dry weather, my scapes dried up earlier than usual so my clusters were smaller than usual this year. Very fresh, though...and fragrant aroma of garlic. Drying in garage was I write.

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