Onions done--now what?

ilovecucumbersJuly 22, 2014

Just pulled all my onions, which did great in my new (built last fall) raised bed. I know onions are heavy feeders, and I need to "do something" to return nutrients to the soil. But what?

Should I test the soil? I have one of those cheap test kits that you get at big-box stores.

Should I add 10-10-10? My compost is not yet "cooked."

A side question: I am not yet sure what to plant next. Brassicas always get eaten by pests, no matter what measures I take, and I'm not into greens. Is it too late for peas? Carrots? How about a late crop of potatoes? I'm 6b, eastern PA.

Thank you, as always!

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Just right for peas. And they add nitrogen to the soil.

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