I feel bad for the plants at Walmart..................

elkay_gwJanuary 10, 2012

They must have gotten them in recently, but most are so dehydrated they're about an hour away from collapsing. One display was right next to the outside gardening door, which constantly opened and closed, allowing a very cold breeze to blow in on them. I found a peperomia that was very wilted and dry as a bone and a prayer plant in the same condition, so I thought I would try to save them, and brought them home. They perked up after receiving water - I hope they'll be ok.

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Elkay, they're beautiful!!!
You're right, a shipment must have just came in. Peperomias might do okay, for a while, but not Calatheas, especially rosea picta varieties.

Foliage on the plants are without blemishes. Or are my eyes deceiving me??

Walmart employees don't give a hoot where plants, in hot or icy weather are placed..
Unless instructed by a manager, they'll leave pallets and boxes closest to the doors. Managers don't care either.

Wish our newly-remodeled, 24-hour Walmart sold plants again. lol. Toni

Great plants, Elkay

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I know the walmart near me has spider mites really bad on alot of their plants...it makes me sad also. It's too bad, I dont know how they expect to sell any plants if they're dead...

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I was in our Walmart around holidays and they had the poisenttas and orchids right in front where doors opened getting all cold and another thing a bell ringer was out in cold and I said"
why don't you stand in foyer" and do that and she told me they weren;t allowed to..who does this hurt. I would stop shopping there if it wasn;t for its only place I need and able to get some things I need

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Never mind the prices for sad plants. I have to really want it to buy it from them anymore. I did buy one a few months ago, not doing too bad, I only wish the silly cat would not eat the leaves!! grrr!!

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Walmart usually just assigns a worker they already have, rather than hire someone with experience, to look after the plants. Plus, the headquarters sends them plants when THEY want to, not the correct time for that area, so the store often has no choice but to put them out before temps are right. I have bought three azaleas and all died. I don't know whether there is a guarantee or not, but I expect not!

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Find out which day the store gets shipments-ours, mostly Thursday and hit it on that day. Wal-Mart is still the cheapest place to buy plants.


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The plant on the left in the photo is a Calathea, not a maranta. Calatheas are supposed to be a little more fussy than Marantas, so you'll want to make sure you give that one as much humidity as you can.

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I don't even bother looking at Wal-Mart or Home Depot for plants here, either their selection is... "bland" (same plants every year) or they're overwatered, underwatered to the point they're half dead, or dead... yes, they still attempt to sell the dead ones here it seems.

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Summer. I too have heard Calathes are fussier than Maranta/Prayer Plant, but IMO, it depends on the Calathea.

I've never had luck with C. Roseo-picta..Elkay's Calathea, hopefully hers will do better.

Ctenanthe and Stromanths are care-free, less fuss than Calatha and Maranta/Prayer Plants, and don't crave as much humidity.

Elkay started this thread last Jan, wonder how the two plants bought at Walmart are doing. Toni

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I think our Lowes has nice plants and they seemed to be well taken care of. But are alittle higher in price.

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Here in Canada it's the same. I swear walking through the plant section of a Wal-mart feels like walking through a plant cemetery...

Home Depot's actually decent here though. Plants are watered, in a properly lit climate controlled area.

In Wal-mart they're just on a store shelf like any other product, most not watered nor seeing any sunlight (or any light at all!). It these were animals Wal-mart would be charged with cruelty and then some.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

I've been reading this thread with much interest since a very good friend works in a Wal-Mart garden center.

Did you know that, unlike Home Depot and Lowe's, Wal-Mart central sends the plants they choose? My Home Depot has a local person who only orders the plants she has a place for and ones she knows will sell. That was once and may still be the case with Lowe's.

My friend stays upset with the way she is forced to treat plants. She does her best but she's only one person. They got in a shipment of orchids but because there's no room inside, she was told to put them on the outside benches in full sun.

Like CB said: Don't blame the local Wal-Mart employees; they have no say in what is sent to them. And most, like my friend, do care and are doing the best they can.


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I wish my Walmart sold houseplants...they really don't sell them. I was very surprised. However, if I go into Lowe's or HD when the shipment is about 2-3 weeks old, forgetaboutit. Awful. Death everywhere.

I honestly don't understand.

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I still have 'em!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I confess I went to WM a few times looking for one like the one on the right, so pretty! I did find a few interesting plants, though. A pretty red Cordyline, jade, fuchsia, a Dracaena I didn't have, a little Eucalyptus tree, cute little sans that looked vigorous (and has been), 1 plant with no label I think is a Homalomena, and 1 labeled Ficus benjamina but I'm 99% sure that's not what it is, couple others.

I did see something sad the other night. Combo pots of tiny, incompatible plants (which I was sure I'd remember but don't) inside non-draining cachepots full of water. Emptied as many as I could. Luckily they weren't stinky yet but they need loving homes soon. All this mess can be yours for $11.99, way 2 much for me.

About the only place to buy plants, so I just look for something I like that's healthy and reasonably priced. Somebody has to rescue the good ones. Would like to find a Streptocarpella, and Gynura, if "they're" watching...

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

walmart has a couple of good plants.i seen peace lilies and beautiful yuccas, ponytail palms and other beautiful houseplants.walmart is were i got my three snake plant

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Linda...Did your friend say Walmart Central chooses plants they believe will sell?
Guess they choose according to state.

Walmart's in CA sell Citrus..our stores never do.
Think it was 2000, Walmart had climbing Bougainvillea and Mandavillas for 19.99. They didn't sell. One weekend in Sept they had a huge sale. 4.00 each. I missed it! lol.

Last year Walmart ordered more. To a lesser degree. Maybe 25 or so. The first time there had to be 70-80. Most sold.

So, I'm thinking they order by location. Right?

Elkay, your two plants are doing great, especially Rainbow Peperomia. They're so pretty. Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I have no idea what their plan is, if any. There's several WM's around, 2 of them close enough to visit often enough to know they don't have the same plants at all, about 60 miles apart. Strangely, the smaller store is where I keep finding plants I can't go home without. Still mostly ordinary stuff but it's taking me a while to collect back to "normal" levels after tough times of 06/07 (no-light apartment, moved 3 times within a year, too busy to deal with ants the first fall, lost & gave away a LOT of plants by the time things settled back down.)

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