Love plant????

nikkilynnJanuary 10, 2007

Had anyone ever heard of a love plant and have a picture.

We are lookong for a plant that my friend had years ago.

it grows only if there is lots of love in the house and if something tragic happens like divorce and can die. Any help would be great

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It would certainly help if you could describe the plant, the shape of the leaves, texture, edges, etc. and whether it grew upright, or as a vine, or whether it got woody stems, flowers, color, etc.

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Hi Nikki,

Check the thread you put in the C+S forum. I don't know what plant you're talking about, but if you're looking for a cute valentine's day plant, Hoya Kerrii is great. Each leaf is shaped like a heart. The leaves are succulent. I posted some links on the C+S forum...check em out :)

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

Seems I've heard Bryophyllum pinnatum/Kalanchoe pinnata called 'Love Plant'.

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Thank you to all of you that tried to help me, it was much appreciated. nanw 4wi you were right on the Kalanchoe pinnata, this is the one. My friend came over and I let her see the pics and that is the one she was referring to. Thank you again to all of you.


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jdkind(zone 6)

hello nikki. I was given a leaf said to be from the bahamas or caribean and was told it was called a love plant.from that leaf i have a 3' beautiful plant whitch has large leaves that resemble a jade leaf fat with riged edge. it looses leaves often witch are very fertil. the leaves grow babys in days. my plant doesnot flower and loves the summertime. When i learn how to up load pics i'll show you. I have googled and searched and can't find anything that even resembles it.

ps any help loading pictures is greatly app.

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jdkind(zone 6)

hello again well after some searching i have to say nan has it right Bryophyllum pinnatum/Kalanchoe pinnata. looks like it but most pics show flowers my has never flowered and i know of have a dozen other offspring that has never flowered.

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