New Kimberley Queen Fern

greattigerdane(z5NY)January 16, 2007

I bought a Kimberley Queen fern, (Nephrolepis obliterrata) that was on the "dead cart" at Lowe's for a $1.00.

Once any plant hits that cart, it's the end of the road, they never get another drop of water again! I had to save it!

It's not in bad shape yet and the soil was still a little moist.

Does anyone know if this fern is fussy, or fussier than the Boston ferns?

Thank you,

Billy Rae

Here is a link that might be useful: Fern

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I've had one for a couple years; it's still doing well....and I've never managed to keep a Boston alive.

So no, it's not too fussy. It doesn't demand the humidity that a Boston does, and has less of a tendency to leaf brown/leaf drop. It's light requirements are higher though; I believe they were bred to withstand full sun (outdoors). So it needs at least bright filtered/indirect light. Other than that, I've gathered it likes the same care as a Boston, but will likely respond better to that care.

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Thanks karam!

Your information was very helpful!

Billy Rae

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

Definitely easier than the Boston Ferns.
I've had one about 4 years.

I leave it on my porch until the outdoor temperatures are below about 20 degrees.

One great thing about it is that it doesn't 'shed' as much as the Boston Ferns when brought indoors in the fall.

Not to purposely contradict karam, but mine has done really well, with some shedding but not much, in rather low light during the winter, though I do keep it near the humidifier during that time.
So maybe the explanation for that is that it does tolerate lower light with elevated humidity?

Ferns are one of my passions, and I've found this to be *the easiest* one I've ever owned.

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Thanks nanw!

That's good to know that this fern can tolerate lower light because for now, that's all I can give it until I can move things around in the spring.
It's also good to know the any shock would be minimal if taken outside for the summer and brought back inside. I don't take the Bostons outside for that reason, they tend to go to pieces and many fronds dry up!

I just love ferns too! I have a couple of Boston ferns I find to be pretty easy to take care of, but this new one I just didn't know anything about and wanted to give it at least a fighting chance if it proved to be on the cranky side.

Does the Kimberley Queen grow big over time? Right now it's in a 6" pot.

Billy Rae

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It'll get big as a Boston.

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