Sansevieria 'Congo'....Information....Anyone?

aveo5January 26, 2012

Hi Again.Well my search for the real 'Twist' variety of Sans. is solved. Thank you, Now, about 'Congo'...I have bought one. I like odd/rare/different plants, and I have good luck with most of them. Along with 'common' plants. this 'Congo' the mottled leaf variety, as big and unusual as it is described, and as cool as it looks in the pictures I see, does anyone here grow it and maybe have a picture of theirs growing, and willing to post it? I wanted to know if this Sans. only puts out like 1 leaf at a time? Or can/do you get at least a few up at a time if you grow it well?

It seems in all the pictures I have seen, it is always a single HUGE leaf in a pot. Does it put out 1 leaf, and then when it dies off, it puts out another? OR does it make a pot full of big leaves? Thats kind of my question.

I mean a single huge fat leaf would be very interesting...but I want to know what to expect from it, and not think I am not growing it wrong, and that is why I only have 1 leaf for months on end. Does that make any sense?

Hope someone can shine light on this big guy for me. The pictures and description of it, with a thin red edge on it, sounds and looks great! But is it only 1 leaf at a time, or is that just to show how big and pretty it is?

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Well, Aveo, there is a Sansevieria Forum where the greatest do confer - posting your question there would likely get the detailed information you're looking for.

Yes, the 'Mason's Congo' that I had was as you describe. I don't have pictures of it. It does get more leaves, but I think the one - leaf plants you see many pictures of are more often the juvenile plants which haven't yet grown.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi again Aveo,

FYI, there is no "growing it wrong" for Sans. They'll do what they want, it's for us not to get in their way ;>).

If you don't already know this, Sans. can be extremely slow growing, nothing wrong there, that's just how they often are.

another FYI: SOME folks at the Sans. forum can be a bit huffy about proper names. Pls. be forewarned, lest someone come along & tersely inform you that Mason's Congo is now known as S. Masoniana. Same nice, large, mottled leaves.

The forward most plant pictured here is a Masoniana leaf that I water rooted (in the little cup). That little sprout took 11 months to develop off that leaf, so yes, they can be slow!

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Please, Please come to the Sans forum. It is so slow now.
The problem with names is that so many Sans look alike. It is almost impossible to give a name that may be wrong. Until they can come up with a genetic tree of sans, we will always have this problem. I try to help all I can with the limited knowledge I have.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi there Stush, actually, if I might.

This Sans. is rather different, 'cause it gets such large leaves, not just tall, but broad as well, strikingly large. I'll try to remember to take some pix of one at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden when I'm there next.

In the meantime, I did some searches earlier to see if I could give Aveo any suggestions.

Pls. try a search for Sansevieria masoniana

& then restrict it to an Image Search for just the pix.

I saw a least a few plants which were several leaves (4-5) at least, to show you. (I think even Logees showed a multi-leaved pic IDed as S. Mason's Congo).

When I tried searching

Sansevieria masoniana Mason's Congo,

it resulted in more inaccurate results (that included misidentified plants & other Sans. as well).


At the Sans. Forum among other things, you can see some amazing pix of single leaf Sans. as you mentioned, especially the tall skinny ones, excellent pix by Marlon Machado, you might find it cool to see.

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Does your plant look like this one?

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Cactusmcharris...I dont have my plant yet, I just won it on EBay. Next week it arrives. I wanted to see one in someones home,not a 'picture perfect one' on a search engine.

That one you have is very nice! I hope I get one like that,and grow it even bigger!! Your newest leaf, with the red edge is sooo nice!!, and i see 2 new tips showing from the soil..,so it does put out more than just 1 leaf at a time. Thats what I wanted to know. Boy, even Pirate girls example is cool,a 'free plant' from a leaf. I thought that the Sans. could be propagated from a leaf. Very cool to see.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

See you do have to go to the Sans forum. Pirate Girl did some experiments growing sans from leaves and shows the whole process. Have to check it out.

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