help fast i'm scared!

ymaddox(ky 6)January 3, 2011

after reading vic's very informative post there is no way in two kinds of hades i am putting a potato in my soil...lets start there! some things are just better off not known! I feel a little silly just having fungus knats and asking a home remedy to take care of them, as i feel vic may have to call in the marines...who the hell grows bugs like that, what is wrong with you! anyway i am now feeling better about this bugs flying around aggravating the horse crap out of me, but i would still like to get rid of them...can i mix a concoction and spray the soil down with the alcohol and water mix for spider mites? again i realize that my problems at this point are minut, but i am just a selfish little brat that way, if someone could help me out here. i could not see all the pics by the way vic put in the post...i saw what the hell is this pic, that was a plenty. bout like i saw a pic on here of someone taking and finding a big snake in their kitchen one morning...that's when you know you woke up on the wrong side of the bed :).

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1. What?

2. Fungus gnats are attracted to bad soil with too much peat/that stays wet too long. Put your plants in soil that isn't terrible. Go search for tapla's posts on the matter.

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ymaddox(ky 6)

sorry lol i was reading vic's and rhizo's discussion on the things she was finding in her soil, cracked me up. it was late and i was a little tired apparently and slap happy :). grrr i am never buying peat again i mixed it with potting soil, cause you know i found it cheap and it doubled the amount i had to pot things in. i can grow things but i sure have a lot to learn about what to pot them up in to really make them grow well. now i am aggravated with myself, i knew i had never had knats in my soil before and that is the only thing that has changed. i was buying the ripped bags of things at walmart for half off and i just put those two together in my big trash can i keep my dirt in. i need to really research different soils and potting mediums and see what my best options are. problem here is i have like 70 some houseplants am i going to have to repot everyone of them? not all of them are in peat but maybe all of them have got infested with these knats. i really need some good help and advice now!

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I used a potting soil with alot of peat in it the year before last and had an issue with gnats myself. They are so annoying!! I ditched the peaty soil and I haven't had many problems since- just watch your watering. I like to keep it on the dry side- that also helps.

As for the repotting- I love repotting! It's one of my favorite parts of growing plants! I get to see the roots and make the plant happier in it's new fresh dirt!

But that's just me. Repotting would be a good option too

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ymaddox(ky 6)

aqua maybe you could come on over and hang out and repot :), gonna make some chicken tortilla soup that is out of this world. good food and flowers, what more could anyone want :)

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