POTHO - Leaves turning yellow

soundgarden(z8/ New Orleans, La)January 29, 2007


I have a large solid green potho. When I originally bought it about 6 months ago I had it hanging outside in partial sun, and it did great. Then I brought it inside and it gets full flourescent light and it did great for the first couple of months, but now the leaves are beginning to turn yellow - the entire leaf, including the veins. At first I thought that I may have over watered it, so I removed all of the yellow leaves and let the plant dry out. I continued to have the problem. Then, after the soil was dry I watered with fertilizer and I'm still having the problem. Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be going on with my plant?

Thanks, Annie

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Probably the sudden change of light from outdoor to indoor can do that to many plants.
You may lose a few more leaves until it gets adjusted to the light change, also, make sure you let the soil dry out between waterings and no fertilizing until warmer weather and the plant is growing healthy again.

Billy Rae

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I go through this every year with mine, I set them outside for the summer, for they seem to get spetacular growth that way, but when I bring them in they go through a shock of sorts, just like you are describing. What I have been told you are suppose to do when bringing them inside is to do it slowly, like bring them in at night and set them back outside during the day, then just leave them out for half a day, then leaving them inside, it is suppose to keep them from going into shock as much, I don't do that as that would take forever! I usually spend a week getting all mine moved back in as it is:) My friend fertilizes hers all the time and I noticed she had a lot of yellow leaves on hers, I told her to stop doing that and they look a lot better now:)

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soundgarden(z8/ New Orleans, La)

About 4-6 weeks ago it was really dry so I submerged it and left it in the water for a while to saturate the root ball. about a week afterwards I noticed that the saucer it sits on was full of water, and when I went to dump it out I noticed that there are tons of roots sticking out of the bottom of the pot, which were, of coarse, sitting in water for a week. I've watered it once since then (with fertilizer) and it's pretty dry right now, but I'm going to wait a little longer to water it, since it finally isn't turning yellow at warp speed anymore. I have noticed some leaves with brown holes/edges on them. What is this, some sort of irony plant? some parts are too dry while other parts are drowning?

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If you have roots sticking out of the bottom of the pot, it may be root bound and need repotted? Did you repot it when you brought it home? I have noticed that when you buy a plant it most generally is root bound and needs to be repotted immediatly. Another thing to think about, I root mine by cutting pieces and setting them in water, maybe it got a major spurt of root growth from sitting in water?
just a thought:)

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