Hard, brown spots on peppers and tomatoes

moesyk4July 14, 2012

I have been getting hard, brown spots on my peppers and tomatoes. They aren't even really spots, they are like a patch (usually about the size of a quarter) where there is no skin and it's grown over in a hard brown patch. It's on the bottoms of the tomatoes and randomly on the peppers. It's not blossom end rot, I've had that before.

We're in our worst drought in over 100 years here in central Indiana, so I'm guessing that's the reason behind it somehow, but I'm not sure how and how to fix it. I have watered the garden every 36 hours since May 7th when I planted, but it's usually bone dry by the time I water again no matter how much water I gave it because of the heat. Unfortunately, we're on a water ban now and I'm restricted to watering every other day, but I'd like to still know what I'm looking at!

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Try giving them some shade.

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its guessing. how about some pics? or its thermal nuclear warming. ;)

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