Indoor dried out Croton in Michigan

cardarlin(5)January 18, 2011

I am just wondering if there is any way to salvage my spirally croton plant. I went on vacation overseas for almost two and a half weeks. I throughly watered all my plants before I left. Since I had only been watering them about once every two weeks this winter and they have been fine with this I figured this would be ok. I had someone house sit and I told them not to water the plants. When I came home some of my house plants have become completly dried out. My croton being one of my favorites seems to be dried down to the soil. I am wondering if there is anything I can try before pitching it. Would cutting it down to the soil help? Its cold here in Michigan and not much sun the last couple days. I have a counter in the livingroom with a florouescent light that I can put the plant under and it will be about 5 inches from the light. Should I try moving it to that location? Any suggestions.. thanks

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Did it drop all of its leaves? You could try just watering it again. Start with a small amount of water because the roots are probably dead and you don't want to flood it as such, and after that's dried out, start watering it regularly. It'll probably re-leaf.

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The leaves are still on but the stalks look pretty dry and everything is pretty brittle. I did water it pretty good when I got home because I wanted to act fast. I should have asked first so I will just wait and see.
Any idea on the light. Im concerned because its cloudy and not a lot of light comes in by the kitchen window so would the flourescent light help? And for how long each day should I leave the light on?

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Cardarlin, top watering is fine..but I'd have filled up a pail or the sink with water. Then placed the potted Croton inside to moisten soil. Afterwards, 'if done in the sink,' released water stopper, then left the plant to soak up
humidity. Wait 15-30 mins, discard excess water.

Fertilize w/half-strength once you see new growth. Since you're in z5, place your plant in a very sunny window. Good luck, Toni

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