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briergardener_gwJanuary 19, 2010

I put this question on palm forum and did not get answer to my questions.

Maybe here somebody can tell me what to do.

I got majesty palm as a present and now wondering do i need to transplant it now because it a 4'' plant in 2gl pot or should i wait till spring?

Should i fertilize it or not?

I understood that this is more troubles then i want but ... it's a present, i have to take care about.

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Not sure when you plan to weather it outside? This is for indoor storage..

If it's indoors, please make sure not to water until absolutely a must. They hate wet soil at this time of year with a lack of full light indoors.

I personally would net repot it until the days are longer, like spring, and it's out in great outdoors getting as much light as possible to help it ajust rather quickly.....

I find most palms hate to be moved into a different pot.

I have never seen a palm that responds well to a transplant in winter here, let a lone in spring at time. I have no idea where you live, but your zone growing area might be more forgiving than mine. I have lost several in the past by this method. I have spared a few by waiting.

Depending what kind of soil mix it's in, I would either fertilize it tid bits or not at all. You don't want to cause leaf burn at this time of year.

These plants LOVE lots of bright diffused light, but not direct sun.

Find a very bright spot in your home, let the soil comepletley dry out between waterings, and keep a watch to make sure your soil mix is not taking to long to dry out.

It should be ok to leave in the same pot till spring, if not better.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Let's not forget that this is a Majesty Palm, Mike. It goes against the general trend for indoor palms.

briergardener, these are palms that make such crummy houseplants that many of us would consider them entirely unsuitable. It is only the fact that they are very easy to reproduce quickly in tropical climates that they are often found for sale in temperate areas of the world where they cannot be planted outside in the landscape.

Inside, they need plenty of good light, plenty of water, and fertilizer. They grow rapidly and will soon outgrow that container. You could wait until spring to repot, however. Be SURE to use a rapidly draining potting mix, when you do so. This is especially true for those plants that require lots of watering.

You'll need to inspect regularly for plant pests such as spider mites and scale insects, both of which are extremely common on Majesty Palms. If you don't know how to look for either of these little pests, be sure to let us know.

Even if you are one of the lucky ones to have great success with this plant, it won't take long for it to outgrow its welcome in your home. (Your is really 4 FEET tall and not 4 INCHES, right?) Maybe just a couple of years. ;-(

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Your right about the mites Rhizzo!

That is why I no longer own any..;-)Therefore the reason I gave them all to my friends!

How's Alabama? Finally warming up? Are your plants ok?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Hey, Mike. We're finally out of the deep freeze here. Looks like that Tea Olive I was telling you about suffered only a bit of tip burn, and I am quite happy about that.

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Hey Rhizzo,

Awsome...Thanks for letting me know..You must be thrilled about it....I bet you the loquats in SC are about to explode about

Has your tea tree put out any blooms yet? It must be so sweet smelling when it does...I have added a newer one to by collection..I will post a pic soon..Please come back in a couple of days to see.

Please, tell me if you think it has hope for a bright future and good growth, once I get the name of it.

Good to see you again. Thank God we are not in Haiti, ha?

I look at all those beautiful palm trees swaying next to all the rubble, and then I think, those plants don't help those poor souls out of their misery...:-(

Pray for them as I will..

Here is a hug, if you don't mind..


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Rhizo, what is a tree olive? Is it an olive tree or something different?

Brier, I usually jump in a thread when I don't have 'x' plant..I've never had a MP, but have read about their needs..
Honestly, they don't make good house plants, BUT, give it your all.
They are sun lovers. So, place in the brightest window possible..south or west.
Artificial light will benefit, too.

They're heavy drinkers and feeders, but both should only be offered if they're getting sufficient light. If not, reduce both until spring or once days lenghten.
Perhaps foliar feedings with an organic fertilizer might work???

Shower and spray..Keep a ceiling fan on at least one hour per day. Place in a non-stuffy room.

There are some plants that aren't suitable indoors, but it never hurts to experiment either.
As for repotting, wait till spring..and only if it's rootbound..When you do, up 2" larger.

Most people don't like the odor of Fish Emulsion, but the smell only lasts a couple days. I'd start with FE. In the meantime, buy Palm Fertilizer..It's available online if you can't find it locally..I use Palm Tone. Think that's its'll have to check the bag.
Epsom Salts won't hurt either..Give it a try..Toni

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Can someone tell me how to identify spider mites and scale insects and can you get them if your majesty is inside?

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