Golden Pothos cuttings dying

veimarFebruary 12, 2014

I have a weird problem - the cuttings I had after trimming my big plant are not rooting. The ends in the water are rotting and the leaves turn yellow and die. There are little root shoots, but they never form any roots and die as well. So sad.. I thought golden pothos was an easy plant to root from cuttings.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

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Morning, Marina,

Some plants are as finicky as a cat.

How long is the cutting??

Cut off the rotted part and into the green, under a node. Place cutting in fresh water. Or better yet, room-temp water.
Perhaps your water is hard?

Good luck, Toni

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Thank you Toni,
The cuttings range from 4-8'' and they are in room temp water that I change every few days. I rooted several other cuttings in our water and it was never a problem. And yes, I did cut the rotten part, but it keeps rotting. :(

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