tan-colored spots on bamboo

greentoe357February 19, 2014

My neighbor has these light brown spots on her bamboo leaves. (She says it's bamboo, but it looks like something else to me, not sure what).

The plant is indoors, so sun damage is out. Is it fungus?

The plant has not been repotted in a while, I am sure it'll benefit from that - but will it cure the spots?

I do not think she fertilizes at all, but maybe it's because of salts accumulated from watering with tap water?

Other than to advice her to shower the plant to wash off the kitties' hair, what else can we recommend?

Thanks, all.

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Without being able to see the whole plant, I know of something that is marketed as "bamboo" a lot. Look up Dracena sanderiana and see if that's what your friend has. There are "variegated" and non-variegated varieties of it (she looks to have the non-variegated, green variety). Companies tend to allow a "stem" to grow and cut it back, at which point multiple "heads" form. It's also known as 'Lucky Bamboo,' or 'Ribbon Plant.'

Sorry, I don't know what to say about the spots. I just thought giving a name to a plant would be nice at least.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Yes, pls. a pix of the whole plant. I don't know abt the spots, but no, it's not Bamboo (or Lucky Bamboo either). Am guessing it's an Aspidistra.

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Here is a pic of the whole plant.

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It's not planted in soil. It has rocks in the pot only and my neighbor fills it with water periodically.

Yeah, looks like Dracaena sanderiana. Those stalks give it away.

Any ideas what causes the spots?

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Do you know if your friend has it near the oven or sprays cleaners near the plant? I'm just wondering if it's some form of damage from a chemical or grease. Just a thought that I'm throwing out there.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Oh it IS Lucky Bamboo, sorry, my ID guess was wrong.

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I think if she gave it some fertilizer it would show improvement, cleaning the pot & rocks would also help. Make sure she knows not to give it alot of fertilizer, otherwise she'll kill it and its a beauty. It is one of the fullest I've ever seen so she's been doing something right :Christine

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I saw my friend/neighbor a few days ago. The plant used to live in the kitchen, but now it's in another room by the window with good light.

She'll clean the rocks it's growing in and give the plant a rinse and see if that helps.

Thanks to all.

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