Red Aglaonemas need help!

hankeatFebruary 4, 2011

I bought four red Aglaonemas from Thailand in last December. Since then the plants are getting weaker and weaker. In the beginning they'd six leaves each, but now left only three leaves. What is the cause? I've few others green cultivars e.g. King of Siam, Green Sun & etc. They seem have no problem in the same condition. All of them are in my living room with day temperature 20ðC and night 18ðC. I water the red ones once in two weeks. Those green ones are in Lechuza pots. Thanks for the answer.

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I bought two varieties of red ags from Thailand last May and the same thing is happening to me, altho one is doing worse than the other. They did really well during the summer, in the warm temps and high humidity outside. But when I had to bring them in, they started losing leaves.

From what I've found online, the reds are more sensitive and need higher temps and higher humidity than the greens. I moved mine into a warmer room (70 to 76F) and have a humidifier running. If they can hold out until the spring here, I think they will recover (or, I hope they will).

Good luck!

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Hank, how are you caring for your Aglaos? Sun, water, soil?
Which Aglaos did you get? Thailand has the prettiest Aglaos.

I bought a few reds and pinks from Thailand 2-3 years ago.
Here's some pics...
A. Anyamanee

A. Butterfly

A. Lapsak

Following Aglaos were bought in Fl as babies

In winter, Aglaos need as much sun/light as possible. Soil should never stay wet..I allow soil to dry before adding more. Even during summer months, soil should dry a bit between waterings, otherwise roots will rot.

Once a week, Aglaos are brought to the kitchen sink and showered. Instead of watering, I fill up sink with water and 2 drops dish soap, place Aglaos in the water, let water soak up through drainage holes. When soil is wet, they're left out to drain, then placed back in their regular living area.

None get fertilized in winter. Once new growth sprouts, they get a dose of All Purpose, balanced fertilizer.

Daily misting, sometimes twice a day once heating is turned on.

So, how are you caring for yours? BTW, which nursery did you find yours?

Elkay, what about you? Which nursery did you get your Aglaos?

Elkay, Aglaos need warmth and humidity..but there's a huge diffence between natural heat and gas heat.
My Aglaos are in a cold room, 'sometimes 50's' in west and north windows. As long as leaves aren't touching the windows they should be fine in a cooler room..Gas heat is hard on tropicals. Toni

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Hi Toni,

I got my aglaos from Aleya Gardens. I was pretty impressed with them - they had nice roots. I ordered two of A. Anyamanee and two A. Legacy.

The Legacy looks the worst right now.

So I guess electric heat is no different than gas, eh? Does it help to run a humidifier?

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Elkay, we got our Aglaos at the same Thailand Nursery! Small world.
He has one called A. Satinwet I want sooo bad, but it's 27.00. Then there's shipping.

Your Aglao's are beautiful. Are you concerned about color? What's the problem?

Humidifers are good for plants, people and pets. I run 2 humidifers and 2 indoor fountains, usually. I still haven't placed one upstairs..Toni

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Thanks for the answers Elkay and Toni. They grow well in summer and become weaker in winter, that means they will never look pretty?

Toni, I was in Bangkok last December and bought all my red Aglaonemas in the famous JJ Market. I could say that the price online is a daylight robbery. They sell on ebay in Europe 15 Euro each + 15 Euro postage. I paid there for only 3 Euro each.

I bought four varieties, all with white/pink stems, Aglaonema Legacy Pink, Reanita, Red Dragon(?) and Super Red Cochin. They are smaller than yours.

I put them in my living room near my glass wall. They get indirect light (No sun in winter in Germany). Probably I shouldn't put them on the floor, as higher is warmer. I potted them with propagation soil. It was a urgent solution, as I didn't have potting compost in December. Should I re-pot them now? I water them once every one to two weeks.

The humidity in my living room is always above 60%. I can't use humidifier, because I already have problem with my wallpaper. It's already too humid in my apartment. I think I should misting them, as my heating is always on. Unfortunately I don't have cool room. My sleeping room is cool, but too dark.

My Super Red Cochin is just a baby. I think it'll die first. Here are mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aglaonema - Legacy Pink

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Sorry, I tried for an hour to post photos here, but it didn't work. I've to give up and post the link now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aglaonema - Reanita

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Aglaonema - Red Dragon

Here is a link that might be useful: Aglaonema - Red Dragon

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Aglaonema - Super Red Cochin

Here is a link that might be useful: Aglaonema - Super Red Cochin

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Those pics were taken in the summer. They don't look that way now. The Legacy plants have only TWO leaves each! I don't think it will survive. The Anyamanee is faring better.

I don't lose a plant very often, so it kills me when I do! :(

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Hank...WOWEE!!!!...Your Aglaos, and other plants are gorgeous and doing terrific!

Your A. Cochin is the reddest I've ever seen. You were able to transport Aglaos from Thailand?? Bet that was a lot of red tape.

BTW, your variegated Monstera is beautiful, the same with your variegated Spath..The only problem is your Spath isn't a Domino. lol..Domino's variegation looks like patches--blended together. But your Spath is so much nicer than Domino anyway. Did all your plants come from Thailand?
I'm going back to Flickr and expand each're too nice to pass up.
Love your Philos, too..
When you were in Bangkok, did you come across a Dracaena Goldiana? They don't look like any ordinary Dracaenas here in the states..colors are unbelievable.
I bet you saw amazing plants, lots of color and unusual flowers.
Did you get to see the plant they called Parrot Plant? I read this plant is endangered. The area one grows is guarded..if someone were to take a cutting or pick a flower, they'd go to jail. lol. Sorry, can't recall its botanical name.

One more thing. You asked if Aglao's will ever look pretty after gray winters..Yes, they will. Especially reds and pinks. One reason, even though they're considered low-light plants, mine are in north and west windows, with additional light. And each are misted daily.
Is Thailand humid??

Elkay. DON'T give up. How often do you water? Do you let soil dry between waterings? This is most important during winter months, otherwise they rot. I made that mistake with two green Aglaonemas, 'Aleyas,' in 4" pots. Talk about upset!!!
I know what you mean about losing plants, but it happens.
You said your Aglaos have a few leaves. Where are they located? Top, middle, bottom? I've never cut back an Aglao trunk, 'w/reds' so don't know if it'd work. However, someone gave me a green, 'don't know species,' Aglao, that grew 4'+, fell and broke in half. I rooted the top half in the same pot w/mom, and it rooted. No side shoots grew, so it doesn't look lopsided.
Are you planning on ordering from Aleya again? I want to, but have to wait for warmer

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I have never watered any of my plants on a certain schedule. I pick the plant up (if small enough) to feel the weight and I also stick my finger into the soil to determine how wet/dry it is. I DO let the soil soil dry before I water again.

The two leaves left on the Legacy are at the top.

I might order from Aleya again - don't know right now.

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Elkay, I don't know what went wrong. Sounds like you're doing everything right.
I mist daily, shower weekly, a small, indoor fountain in the same room Aglaos live, plus a humidifer in he next room.
Hopefully, yours will perk up soon..Toni

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In fact I'm quite disappointed from the red Aglaonemas, because they are weak and thin, if I compare them to the green cultivars. I won't buy new ones, if all of mine don't survive.

Elkay, is your Legacy considered one or two plants, when you bought it from Aleya?

Thanks Toni, I've been transporting plants among continents for years on my own risk. Yeah there are lots of red tapes, but so far I haven't faced any problem. German and Asian customs are quite loose.

I bought most of my plants in Germany, only the red Aglaonemas, some Agaves and some Sansevieria were bought in Thailand. I didn't know Dracaena Goldiana, thus I didn't notice it. Yeah, many plants there were colourful, but almost all of them can only survive in climate zone 10 or above, because The humidity in Thailand is over 90%, the temperature is always over 30C and 12 hours daylight daily.

I know the Parrot plant you meant. Have you read this article about it? (Please see the link below). I've another Parrot impatiens, Impatiens niamniamensis. I'm going to through it away, because it's ugly.

I bought my Spath in Germany. They tag it as Spathiphyllum variegata. I thought Domino is the right name, then I've to change it back to variegata. Well the problem of my Spath is it has too much white and it becomes weaker and weaker too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rare Thailand Parrot Flower

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Both of those pots contain two plants each.

Thanks, I hope they make it, too. If not, I saw some reds available in Florida so I might buy some but winter them in a mini greenhouse with supplimental lighting.

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