HAVE: Pavonia praemorsa

poisondartfrogDecember 26, 2013

Freshly harvested, I have just 10 seeds of
this yellow Pavonia, Suitable for
container culture where temperatures
drop below 20F.
No SASE. I am seeking similarly
hard to find seeds like other Pavonia
species that I don't have.
I have lasiopetala, braziliensis,
hastata, missionum. Also other
unusual Malvaceae (Hibiscus, Malva,
Abutilon, Gossypium, Sida, etc.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pavonia praemorsa

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I just found this site on Saturday. I guess I just always ask for plants and seeds of people in my area. I don't know the name of a lot but I have a 2 acre flower gardens that is all different shapes and sizes which I have outlined with what we call monkey grass. I go to the woods and collect things I sure love the look of these plants could we come up with something I will start making pictures as soon as the weather is better and I will send you a notice Judy

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Sorry, Judy. This is no longer available.

While you are gathering seeds to trade you should read these required important instructions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Special instructions for the exchange

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