garyfla_gw(10 Florida)February 15, 2013

Though I grow most of my plants in pots the only one in the house is a Gloxinia. has florished sitting on top of an aquarium with only a canopied north window as light source . It willl not stop flowering!!! Has grown so leggy it can't support the weight . Should I cut it off or put it outside to experience some cold?? I love the flowers and don't want to kill it . any suggestions?? I alwys thought they went dormant after flowering?? Thanks gary

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

'Leggy' implies lack of light. This added to bottom heat (from the aquarium) would lead to etiolation. Is there somewhere a little brighter (but not in the sun) you could put it? I don't know what 'cold' would be in Florida at the moment but Gloxinias (Sinnigia) want to be between 65 and 85f.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

It has been in continuous flower since early sept. Leaves are as big as my hand and very plush. It is becoming top heavy due to the constant flowering If not getting enough light sure not acting like it. Produces 4 flowers 5 inches accross and grows new ones at the same time. The room is maintained at a constant 75.
Is there no way to induce dormancy?? i'm thinking a temp shift,withhold water?? maybe just whack it off ??
I would like to save it as it's gorgeous Thanks gary

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Hi Gary,

There is no need to force this gloxinia into dormancy. It's not like an amarillis, where one forces it into dormancy to make it bloom again. Gloxinias will put themselves into dormancy all by themselves. If you would like to get the plant to look better again it's best to prune it back to about an inch above the ground making sure that there is a growth node present. The plant will grow from there. Some people will take the bulb out, clean it up and put it back into the ground, completely severing the stem from the bulb in the process. I find that I have much more success leaving a little bit of stem.

As Flora said, the reason the gloxinia is leggy is because they need a lot of light. Don't be afraid to put it in direct sunlight. I would get it used to the direct sunlight first or you may sunburn the plant.

I hope this helps.


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PS: you can also root the tip of the part you cut off and start a new gloxinia.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

So i can just whack it off without killing it?? It has become so heavy it is pulling the bulb out of the pot lol my other gesneriads are grown in the shadehouse exposed to weather change they are all winter dormant.
Really don't have room for it in the fish/frost room
so it may go into the shadehouse anyway Another of those plants my wife brought home on a whim!! thanks for the info!! gary

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Yup, cut away. It won't hurt it.


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