HAVE: lots of veggie seeds

DraigAthar(4)December 30, 2012

Okay, I just got shipments in the mail from Territorial, Johnny's, AND Gourmet Seeds, haha! Add that to all the saved/traded seed I already have, and I've got a bunch to share! I updated my trade list, have a peek.


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Email sent.

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I would love to have some of the Yellow Pear Tomatoes, Hopi Blue corn, and Cheese pumpkin. If I have anything on my trade list you are interested in let me know if we can trade.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I would be interested in Carnival and Harlequin squash and Azoychka tomatoes. See my list here or

Here is a link that might be useful: my recent list

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Email sent

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Sending an email

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Sending an email

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Do you want to trade for any of these seeds?

What I have:
To trade I have the following (seed amounts are approximate):
* 2009 collected Dianthus flower (assorted white and pink) Yard grown. 20-40 seeds
* 2011 collected Birdhouse Gourd. Yard grown.15-20 seeds
* 2011 collected Stagecoach Pumpkin Giant. Local Farm 10 seeds
* 2007 collected Jack-be-Little Pumpkin. Acquired from trade. 20 seeds
* 2008 collected Spider Plant. Acquired from a friend, grown in her house.20-30 seeds
* 2002 collected Lunaria Money Plant. From a trade in Maplewood New Jersey.10 seeds
* 2009 Sunflower Assortment. Yard grown. 50 seeds
* 2003 Silk Tree. Yard grown. 20 seeds
* 2012 Anise. Yard grown. >20 seeds
* 2007 Podding Radish. Acquired in trade 5-10 seeds
* 2012 'Galeux d'eysines Pumpkin/ Squash. Local Field collected heirloom. 15 seeds
* 2012 Sugar Pie Pumpkin. Local Field collected. 15 seeds
* 2012 Cosmos Flower. Yard Grown >50 seeds
* 2012 Olive seed. (Black).Yard grown 10 seeds
* 2012 Fuji Apple. Orchard collected 5 seeds
* 2010 Yellow Flesh Watermelon. Yard collected. Open pollinated. 15-20 seeds
* 2011 Cantaloupe. Yard grown. Open pollinated. 15-20 seeds
* 2008 Pride of China. Acquired from trade. 10 seeds
* 2009 Yellow Prolific Straight neck Squash. Not treated or GM. 10 seeds
* 2007 Blue Jacaranda. Acquired from trade. 20 seeds
* 2008-2012 Assorted Hollyhock; light-dark pink. Yard Grown
50 seeds
* Hollow Crown Parsnip. Acquired from Trade. 10 seeds
2012 Turban Squash. Heirloom. Field collected. 10 seeds
* 2012 Coreopsis "Tickseed" # 1/4 tsp. MO native. Acquired from trade
* 2012 Jatropa. 10 seeds Acquired from trade.
* 2012 Pride of Barbados. 10 seeds acquired from trade
* 2012 Texas Star Hibiscus. 10 seeds acquired from trade

What I would like:
Tomatoes; cherokee purple, yellow pear and lemon boy
Peppers; Georgescu Chocolate, Bell, Piquin
Penelope Shelling Pea

Please let me know if you see anything you would like to trade for.

Thanks for looking!

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VERY interested to trade for your greens, especially your
.Golden Purslane
.Kale, mixed varieties
.Lettuce, mixed varieties
.Dill, dukat)

I am REALLY new to gardening but I do have a little to trade for, could you possibly take a look at my trade list and let me know if you would be interested. Thanks so much!

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