Please help re my poorly fiddle leaf fig

Neeniej9February 5, 2013

Can you help

the bottom leaves of this have fallen off. They go brown at the tips and then fall off. I've watered recently but let it dry out as it recommends. I wonder if it's just too dark in here? I live in the Highlands of Scotland so we dont get much light in the winter. What should I do?

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Also the top leaves look rusty like this

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Hi & welcome to Gardenweb. I agree it sounds like your plant may not be getting enough light. That orangish leaf kind of looks like the turkey fig trees here when they get rust but I don't know if this kind of Ficus can get rust like that. Other thing to look at would be the roots. If they're staying soggy, especially in the colder temps of winter, the plant won't like that. Is there still some room in the pot for them to grow? A hole for excess water to escape?

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It's unusual to get that orangey color at the top in when it ISN'T sunburn. I'd guess you have root rot or spider mites. If it's flecked with silvery and orange spots, check for spider mite webs and take appropriate steps. If it's root rot, since it's already at the crown, you may be too late. Are you seeing any fungus gnats around the soil?

Good luck, keep us updated!

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