Bonnie Spider

scsva(7/VA)February 29, 2012

Just wanted to share that I found a Bonnie Spider plant among the little 4 inch pots of EA plants at Lowe's yesterday. At only $2.98, it already had a bunch of little swirly babies so it must have been there a while. I couldn't believe it!


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Susan, Congrats..

Finding Bonnie is unusual..never saw one in IL. Toni

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I've found them in the nurseries that have rarer plants but never expected to see one mixed in with EA little plants.


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Congrats! I love my Bonnie.. it is mixed up with the straight leaved spider one tho, but I am trying to get some babies going just from the Bonnie so I have one that has no straight leaves.. Is that rude of me?? Just wanting the one plant?

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Susan, do you live nearby nurseries that sell rare plants? Lucky you.
We're left w/one nursery..most closed their doors.
To add a new, rarer plant, gotta shop online. lol

Lamora, nope, it's not rude.
What do you mean you want a Bonnie w/straight leaves?
I wish my Bonnie's leaves had more curl.

The grass is always greener, lol. Toni

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I live about 45 mins to 1 hour from Merrifield Gardens in Central Virginia. Awesome shop-3 locations-each better than the last. Huge places with each plant family grouped together. Large plants are a little pricey but they usually have small starter plants as well for some varieties. It's a must place to go for nice shopping adventure.


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I found a hanging EA bonnie spider plant at Home Depot a few weeks ago, so of course I swiped it up cause I've never seen a Bonnie for sale anywhere else. Maybe it's something EA are getting more of? I'm not sure, but I knew I would kick myelf if I didn't buy it. It's a pretty big one, no babies yet, but that's okay. I still find it a beautiful plant with and without the babies, where as the other spider plants look boring without babies to me. Now I have four diffrent kinds of spiders. I use to kill them all the time, but I beleive I'm starting to get the hang of them..

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Hey Susan...It's nice having a nearby nursery..3 are even better. :)
Is it a chain or family owned?

If family owned, prices are always a little higher than Big Box stores..BBS's buy large quantities, so they can afford lowering prices..Think about the number of HD's, Lowes, etc around.

The same applies here. We're down to one nursery. Large plants are pricier than HD's, but they also sell small 2-3" potted plant at decent prices. Some 2.00.

When I think about it..Our local nursery has basic to rare succulents in 2-3" pots for 2.00. Similiar, (not rare) 3" potted succulents at HD are going for 3.49. Hmm.

FlowerPot..HD had Bonnie's in hanging baskets for 14.99 and 19,99, depending on size.

They also had tiny, 3 or 4" potted Bonnies. However, they didn't have the curl Bonnie's do, so I passed it up. I have a Bonnie, but wouldn't mind adding more in the same's too skimpy. Toni

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Toni, it is family owned. It's such a great place to visit. I try to get there a couple times a year.

I saw another Bonnie today at Lowe's so it's good to see the rarer plants showing up.

I'm getting more and more into dracaenas now. There are a lot of these on the market now.



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hi, i love spider plants. some people just dont get it because they arent very colorful and showy (my husband being one of those typed that dont get it) anyways, i used to have a nice collection of plants but then we had to vacate our home fairly quickly and i lost most of my plants in the move. im looking on here for anyone who would be willing to share some babies off their plants so that i could get back to collecting? im hoping for it to be possibly considered a gift from one plant lover to another because i dont have much to offer in return but if need be i will offer to crochet a plant hanger for you. ive just started making my own plant hangers, and i dont know how to do macrame yet but i can crochet and they are turning out pretty nice. i hope that i can start my collection back up, i live on a very limited budget because im a stay at home mom so i cant go out and buy what i want, and this would make my day to be able to have lots of plants again. thank you.

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