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AlexLeoFebruary 19, 2013

I have had a ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) for 5 months now. It is located in an East/South Window in the living room. So far, it seemed to be doing quite well, I watered every 2 weeks, nice dark green leaves. About a month ago it started to sprout several new branches that are light green and the tallest is now beginning to unfurl (does this unfurling part take several weeks normally?).
I was very excited originally, but for the last week some of the leaves on older branches in the center of the plant have begun to turn yellow and fall off ....

Is that normal? Or is my ZZ plant actually NOT doing well despite the new growth?

This is my first house plant so I have no experience with it, any input would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you lots in advance,

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I have a zz plant doing the same thing right now, and yes, in my experience, they do take quite some time to unfurl and mature. I don't know how long it takes exactly, but i have had two pushing from the ground for at least a month now and they are just now beginning to open up at the tips.
unless someone with more experience than i've got wants to chime in here i would say to keep on doing what you're doing!!

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I also agree that the unfurling and maturing takes awhile, so don't be worried about that. I am concerned about the leaves turning yellow though, I believe that's a sign of overwatering. Every two weeks sounds a bit too much imo. I have mine in a 10'' pot and I water it about once a month. Hopefully someone with more experience than myself will chime in as well.


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When mine turned yellow it was because of overwatering. It was in the gritty mix and I had been told it wasn't possible, so I discarded the thought. It's gone to ZZ heaven now.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Alex,

I believe it's normal what's going on w/ your ZZ plants; the new growth does take some time to unfurl. Both of mine are doing the same thing now too, each of 2 pots I grow have 3 new sprouts. Generally they seem to put new growth like this in Sept. & again in Feb. from what I've observed in prior yrs.

Each of mine has had a yellowing branch in the central part of their pot, I believe that to be natural die-off of the older growth. If you give the yellowing growth a gentle tug, it may come right off in your hand as mine did. Should you see a lot more of that, I'd be concerned, if it's just a branch or 2, I wouldn't worry. Maybe cut back watering to every 3rd week? Also are they in clay or plastic pots? Any chance of a picture?

From the sound of it, it's all normal behavior so I'd say keep doing what you've been doing.

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