staghorn fern help

maria_cFebruary 1, 2013

Hi all,
So, originally I was worried that my staghorn wasn't growing any new fronds...and I was told that maybe I was underwatering it. I followed the whole water it often and soak it (I just couldn't bring myself to do it 2x's a day--so it was more like every 4 days). And now its leaves are falling off! Yellowing and browning from the center. Am I overwatering it? Is this something else? It's sort of near a vent so I just moved it. But it was fine before so it makes me think it's the water. Also, the leaves are not rotting, so I don't think that's what's going on below. Sad...because I really love this plant.

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oh. I forgot to say--It's mounted and it was on a South window, but now is on an east window (hanging on a nail to the side of those I mean).

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Hi Maria, I don't know a lot about staghorn ferns since I just got a teeny baby one about a week ago, but since no one has answered you, I did a little research and found this video:

That is for growing staghorn ferns outdoors, but the same rules apply. It sounds like you are overwatering your staghorn fern a lot.

Here's a second video:

Most epiphytes like to have high humidity, but don't like wet feet. Do you have a spot in your bathroom or kitchen to hang it? The higher humidity in those rooms may help it thrive. I hope somebody else who knows more will chime in and help you with your fern.

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It does sound like the symptoms of overwatering. But it could also be the quality of the water. If it's town water there could be additives in it that are harmful to the plant. During cold weather they can be kept a bit on the drier side. In habitat they are in an environment with wet summers and drier winters. And in colder weather you shouldn't expect new frond growth, they need warmer temps and higher humidity for that.

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