Need help and an ID

Lamora(4)February 24, 2014

Hi everyone, I have had this plant now for just a little over a year, about 7 mths ago it started to turn brown, yellow and spotty. I was told to cut off the affected leaves, and that seemed to help to some degree, but now it is worse and if i did that again, there would be noting left but the top.

It keeps growing, new leaves form, but then they turn like the rest. I was just wondering what is going on. It does get real warm in this room, and dry too, and most plants we can keep up on with the watering. But we are at a loss with this one.

Not sure how to get a starter off of this, but i am willing to try if i can get a healthy plant from it.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

ps-- title is silly-- found out what it is-- lol-- too early for me i think ;)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Some kind of Dracaena. I would suspect fluoride toxicity.

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Hi Marjie,

I think it's dry air.

Purple has a point about floride toxicity, but my Dracaenas get watered with water that sits out for days to weeks.
Yet, this year, a good number of my Dracs have similar problems.

This winter has been the harshest ever..heat is on 24/7, and even with two humidifiers and indoor fountain humidity has been low. One day, 11%. Not good for humans, let alone pets and plants.

I don't have an answer, except, if possible shower your Dcac...Been there, done that, and still doing that. lol. Toni

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Chlorine will evaporate out of water but fluoride will NOT, so you have to use rainwater or water that is not from the tap for Dracenas.

Hope this helps!

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Oops, I forgot to add in my earlier post that I think that is a Ribbon Dracena. I have one too, and it seems quite sensitive to dry air. Also, I don't water it with tap water, just rain water when I have it. Even tap water set out will likely harm it.

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This is dracaena warneckii 'lemon lime'. Insanely susceptible to fluoride damage.

Best way to help prevent the damage is to put line in the soil, and never dehydrated. That exacerbates the issue. The use of lime will increase the pH of the soil, which in turn locks out the fluoride

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Dracaena Lemon Lime.

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Thanks so much for the responces-- Rain water is hard to come by here, least for collecting water for house plants, there just isn't enough. (Looking at another Drought this Summer- that is how bad it is right now)

Filtering out the water won't get rid of the floride either, will it? So distilled water good for it? I used to use that on my Spider Plants all the time, but they don't mind the tap water here for some reason.. and yes.. it has a lot of floride in it.

And the Lime? (sounding not smart here) You are talking about lime stone? How much would be needed? I have never used it before so this is new to me.

I was also wondering, how do you get a "starter" off this plant? I cannot seem to find any information on that. At least not for this particular plant.

Thanks again for the information-- still learning, and that is a good thing-- i think-- lol


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Hi Marjie,

How about snow? Can you collect snow, let sit, then water with room-temp snow/water?

I believe you mentioned a lot a snow in your area in one of your posts. Toni

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nope-- no snow anymore-- came and went-- just that fast.. My Sadie is a sad puppy because if it-- (she loves the snow)

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MsGreenFinger GW(8 Ireland)

my Dracaena looks quite the same though not that bad yet. So it can either be beacuse of dry air or cold or fluoride in tap water? Is distilled water a solution for it?

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