House Plant in Zero-Light Room

spicegirl_0101February 26, 2014

I have a small office (about 12' x 15') that I would like to put a plant into. The room gets almost zero natural light, EXCEPT, if I stand in one corner of this tiny room, right next to a wall and I look through the office door, I can see a full-length window to the outside. This window is about 30-40 feet away.

Are there any easy-to-care-for plants that would survive in such low light conditions?


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dellis326 (Danny)

There's some species of mushrooms you could probably grow.

Seriously though, it's easy enough to use artificial lighting. There's many good choices ranging in quality and pricing.

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Seriously, unless you use artificial lighting (as dellis stated above), I can't imagine anything that would survive that low of light. A window on the other side of the office door that is 35-40 feet away won't do anything for a plant in your office, sorry.


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spider plants , sansevieria and golden pothos will def survive with just reg office lighting - overhead fluos, provided you have them? if not they will survive even with incandescents - perhaps not for longer then 1 year, won't grow much, but they will survive.
i have golden pothos vines in water in the bathroom without windows - they survive only on occasional 'visit with lights' ;). and they survived 2 mo absence - in almost total darkness, with just a night-light.
once i grew a spider plant in the room that had curtains permanently drawn, not sheers, but some cotton like with some translucency and room lights in the evening - spiders lived!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Then again, some would suggest settings like that might be the place for plastic or silk plants.

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Yes, some plants might survive those conditions, but are you getting a plant for it to survive or for it to be able to flourish and live well?

My only suggestion would be sanseveria although my colleague has AVs in his office and has no windows, just overhead florescent lights, and they seem to be doing better than simply surviving.

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What about setting up a small fish aquarium and swap out the light with a grow bulb, terrariums were a big hit many years ago, my first was the big glass water bottle. I'm sure many people here had them and possibly still do. There is a terrarium forum here you can check into.

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Photo Synthesis

I would like to recommend Sansevierias as well. One in particular, and my favorite, being a Sansevieria trifasciata "Moonshine." They have a pale, silvery-green/white color.

Last year, while I was repotting mine, I accidentally broke off one of the outer leaves. Out of curiosity, and just to see how truly resilient these plants really are, I threw that broken leaf into a drawer and left it in there to see how long it survived before finally giving up. I didn't water it or give it any light at all, and it has taken at least half a year before it even started to turn brown. Even when it started doing that, it did it very slowly.

Well, I tossed it in that drawer last Summer, and only now has it finally turned completely brown and die. These plants are way more resilient than I ever could've expected.

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Haha I spend my whole life putting plants in offices with zero natural light. Artificial light will keep the following alive:

Dracaena Janet Craig
Dracaena Cintho
Philodendron Scandens
Sansevieria - for hardiness I'd go Laurentii, or Moonshine as above

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