Murraya stopped growing?

kasia88February 5, 2013

Hey there!

A while ago I posted about my murraya paniculata, which was losing leaves, lost a whole stem while i left it in my parents' care, and a huge chunk of roots.

I repotted it back to a smaller pot, bought a plant light and vitamins. It seems like the leaves stopped dropping. However it seems like the whole plant is on pause mode. All the little buds that back in the day just used to shoot out left and right.

I don't know if I'm doing it right (seems to work on my other plants I put next to it) I don't exactly have anywhere to clip the lamp on above my plants, so i put it on the furniture and angled up, especially on murraya.


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It's common for this plant to go into pause mode, especially with a lack of sunlight and this time of the year.
Believe me, I have 4.

What concerns me though is your light. Why don't you use a window, or do you not have one?
I am pretty sure if all you can use is artificial light that you plant would do much better with the light over it shining down.


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I don't get much light in winter because of a neighboring building. Mainly in summer when it's higher.

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