Is it too late for sumter cucumbers?

AT2013July 3, 2014

Hi all.

Is it too late to start Sumter cukes from seed here in SoCal? I bought some Park seed packets yesterday and one of them is cucumbers of this variety.

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Southern California stays pretty nice year round, doesn't it? I'd say if your growing season lasts until the end of October maybe, then that's 4 months of growing. Plants come to mature in around 2.5 months. So I guess it depends on how many cucumbers you want, and how long your growing season is before the first frost, if you get a frost at all! But I'm new here and no expert! :)

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I started some white cukes 4 days ago... I figured, since they came up so fast in early spring, I would start some for a fall harvest. My seeds have already sprouted. It doesn't really get cold in southern cali until like what, late October?

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It all depends on the temperature and weather, I planted mine here in PA about 7 weeks ago and I'm now getting cucumbers but the weather and temps have been great this year.

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Not a problem.

Totally funny. I'm going to start some Sumters next week myself.

You may want to try to keep the soil cool when Sept/Oct(Santa Anas) roll around though. (Mulch, shade cloth) You'll get production but just not as much if you had started earlier. November and December cool nights will slow things down.


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I see. I guess I'll start 3-4 plants since I just want to keep them for eating or pickling.

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