braided money tree dying

sunderwunderFebruary 16, 2008

I have a mt that is about 3 ft tall that I bought last summer. Trouble started in the winter, yellowing and falling leaves. Then the smaller leaves and buds began to shrivel and die at the end of the branches. Now one whole braid is shriveled and brown another is on the way. Two good ones left. I have about an 1 - 1 1/2

inches between the tree and the pot. Could this be the problem? What is the recommended distance? Also, is there a way to revive the braided trunks once they have begun to shrivel?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

From my experience, when a braid dies it's gone...
I'd isolate (separate) the healthy trunks and re-pot.
In the case of my brother's plant, the roots rotted.
Thankfully, I was able to grow a plant from a leaf
that he'd discarded.

How often are you watering?
Pachira don't like to stand in wet, soggy soil.
I water thoroughly, let the plant set a bit, and
then I pour away any excess water.

Good luck!


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Sunder, I agree with Josh regarding removing dead so carfully..
I grow my Pachiras (Money Trees) in small containers and treat them as succulents..If you said, the leaves dropped, in some cases this wouldn't be unusual, but since the trunks are dead/shriveled, sounds like you're overwatering. I hope you can save your tree..Toni

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Your letter gives a hint - when fall comes around, you should start watering a bit less often than you'd do in spring, because even an indoor plant uses less at that time of year because hours of light are shorter and many plants do take a dormancy period (stop growing) for a few weeks.

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My moneytree plant is dying, I also bought one in the summer it was beautiful. In the winter months, the leaves started falling, then the branches. Now the trunk is very dry some of the stalks are soft. Only 1 stalk in the braided trunk is still green, and 2 braches are still alive from the green stalk.
I would like to try one again, but where can I find a moneytree that is not braided. The braid is beautiful but troublesome. This was my 2nd moneytree.

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Aromatherapy, in some cases, leaves drop when Money Trees go dormant in winter..when a plant is dormant, less water should be given, and no fertlizer whatsoever.
It sounds like you too overwatered..
If the stems are soft, it sounds like root rot, again from overwatering.
For the time being, until you find another Pachira, you can try saving the one you there one braid or several? If more, unpot the plant, and carefully remove the healthy trunk..discard soft-trunked plants..Repot, (in smaller pot) and fresh, well-draining soil.
Home Depot sells Money Trees..I dont know where you live, but sometimes Jewel/Albertsons sells them..the last I've seen are braided though..Perhaps Lowes?
If you're looking for a small, and I mean baby Pachira, email me at I know of a nursery that sells them, but the nursery is banned from GW and can't be mentioned..Toni

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Money trees are more likely to be found in grocery stores than nurseries, around here. Longs, Rite-Aid, et cetera, usually have tons of them!

When you purchase, make sure that the roots are healthy! Basically, find a plant that is more dry than wet, with no white mildew or dark wet trunk coloration.

I just repotted my pachira (fresh soil mix, back into same pot), and it is quite happy. I water carefully, a bit at a time, allowing the soil to get wet without too much water contacting the lower trunk. After I water, I place the plant so that sunlight strikes the trunk-base and the surrounding soil.


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Hi I'm trying to save my money tree and don't know what soil is the best soil for it. Can someone please tell me what soil to use. I'm really into my plants and don't want this one to die.

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I have the same problem, my braided money tree (Pachira) seems to be dying. It's growth has slowed considerably, and it's leaves are slowly browning and falling off. It's Spring not Winter so that's not the issue. I dug up the tree to have a look at it's roots to see if they had rotted. What I found astonished me... there was a rubber band strapped around the base of the plant, below the soil, suffocating it. This band must have been put there in it's infancy to make the braids, but now that the tree had grown to about 3ft that same rubber band was cutting off it's water supply and keeping it from growing any further.

If you are having this same problem, check your tree's roots to see if there is a strap or rubber band at the base and cut it off, as soon as you notice an unusual change in it's growth. In my case there was visible bulging around the band, signs that the tree was struggling to soak up nutrients. Hopefully my tree will recover, I may have caught this too late, but in posting this hopefully it's not too late for you.

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