I didn't really NEED another dracaena.......

elkay_gwFebruary 10, 2013

since I have a lot of warneckiis and a marginata, but I saw this one in Lowe's and couldn't resist. It was marked down from $10.97 to $3 and was very dry. There were two others, but they contained only one plant and this one had three. It had quite a few browned leaf tips, but I figured for three bucks, I'll give it a shot.

AND.............remember that thread about which of your plants you dislike? Well, I don't really dislike any of my plants, but I think THIS one is ugly. I posted about it a while back - can't figure out why it's growing so weirdly. It's a Dracaena Sol, or Sol Cane or Del Sol - have seen it called all three and the pics don't look like mine. The leaves should be a normal dracaena fragrans shape. Strange looking, isn't it?

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I almost bought one growing like that. I like it. It is an uncommon plant but sold at a nursery near by. It is actually the first time I have seen them sold like that and I almost bought one. I think I still might.


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