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lindamarieDecember 7, 2012

I have 27 pkts of seeds from the 2011 God's garden swap that I can't use because they do not do well in this area, like Hollyhocks OR because I do not care for them, like Morning Glories, bottle gourds or turnips.

I'd like to trade them. I do not exspect 27 pkts in exchange

Just seeds I like and can use. I am looking for special veggie and flower seeds that I can grow to sell at the farmers markets. I am having a awlful time with beattles on my bok choy, mustard and chinese cabbage. The broccoli and lettuce is not being attacked. I would like to try red and green bok choy and red cabbage and anything else you belive the beattles will not devoure.

I can also add some seeds from my most favorite Ukranian Sweet Potato Squash, grown organically.

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rhashell(5 southeast IN)

Hello I am also a market frower! I have many heirloom tomato seeds. Also many greens as that is a favorite with customers here.I have some spanish black radishes that are a hot item.

Let me know what all you have and what you are looking for !
I have fennel
many radish varieties
many asian greens
basil mix- lemon, lime, cinnamon, sweet purple etc
many heirloom tomatoes is there a few you are loooking for?
carrot- for clay soil
russian kale

Eating Seasonally CSA on facebook

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I live in MS and the people here do not seem to like anything new. They seem to want small plain red tomatoes and collard greens. I am trying to offer something different that I like to grow and eat.

I am trying determinate tomatoes that like heat and several melons, cukes and squash do well here. I like Asian greens, but so do the bugs. I'd like to try parsnips and leeks, but they do not sell well here.

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rhashell(5 southeast IN)

I have sioux and a few other smaller red tomatoes.
I have a few differant melons and I do have several kinds of winter squash. Have you tryed lacinto kale or red russian I have less bug trouble with those 2 varieties.
If you want to do a trade let me know. Thanks

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I am growing both those kales now. They have no bug holes.I did enjoy the Siam Basil I grew this Summer, it is very pretty and smells great. I put it on pizza. I can't sell it.

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bwaynef(z7 SC)

Linda, if you're interested in anything I have, I'd love to trade for your Ukrainian Sweet Potato Squash! Please let me know!

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These seeds are still available

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bwaynef(z7 SC)

Would you be willing to trade some Big Beef F1 Tomatoes for the Ukrainian Sweet Potato Squash? I've also got Big Beef OP seeds, but those likely don't have the disease resistance of the F1 variety. Large red beefsteak tomatoes on a productive plant. They're said to have heirloom flavor w/ the productivity of a hybrid. I don't grow for market, but I'd think these would do well.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I have alot of cool seeds. Cushaw squash, holy basil, basil, several different radishes, malabar spinach, feverfew, catnip, kohlrabi, bloomsdale spinach, green beans, lima beans, Cherokee pole beans,and much more! I'd have to go through my seed box to tempt you!

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