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marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)December 2, 2012

I moved last Winter, and I had to leave much of my plants behind. I have been doing my best to re-acquire favorites. I also want to add to my collection for 2 reasons: I now have 4 acres to play with, and the charity I started (Need 4 Seed) can benefit from me growing more food plants. Most of what I am interested in are food plants anyway because I want to grow as much of my family's food as possible.

That said, I have some seed to trade--even fruit (perennial). I have Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), which is a relative of the cranberry but smaller and with its own flavor; it is low-growing and evergreen. Blueberries are big in my new area, and I have seed for the low-growing blueberry AKA Maine Wild Blueberry (V. angustifolium). It is low-growing and deciduous, but goes out in a blaze of red in the Fall. Another fruiting perennial I have is Rosa rugosa. They are very fragrant, and the "hips" or fruit can be made into vitamin C rich foods. A more unusual fruiting plant I have is Kornus kousa. Most know this small tree as Kousa Dogwood. It sports beautiful, pointed, creamy-white flowers (in June, I believe). Most people plant this as a specimen ornamental and don't even know the fruits can be eaten.

Other trees are in my list but not edible (as far as I know). I have a couple of flowers to offer: Maine Wild Lupin, and a pink flower that was growing here when I got here. It is perennial, about a foot or so tall with light pink flower clusters at the top. I kept walking by it and saying, "I smell candy to my kids." Turns out it was the flowers. They are very sweet-smelling, but I do not know what they are.

Lastly, I have some veggie seeds that you can check out in my list. I have one perennial veggie in seeds to trade: Rhubarb.

I do have more seeds, but they are older then a year. If someone expresses an interest in a trade, then I will check your wants, and see if I have something on your list in my stash. Many seeds are only a year old and would be fine, but I can let you know what I have from your list, and you can decide if you want to trade for it.

SEEDS I AM LOOKING FOR: (stratified if need be please)
Ginko biloba
Shellbark Hickory
Regular Hickory
Carpathian or English Walnut
Other Nuts I Don't Have
Other Fruiting Shrubs or Trees that Come True from Seed
Perennial Vegetables such as Sea Beets, Welsh Onions, Horseradish, Jerusalem Artichokes/Sunchokes, etc.

I may be tempted by annual edibles or edible flowers so please ask.


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gvozdika(8 OR)

Hello, Robin. Horseradish does not produce a viable seed. I would love to trade with you earlier next year if you mind. Have Salal berries. Can look for Oregon Grape seeds, hope birds left some, we grew so many of them last year that I did not collect any this year. According to the Internet these bushes should do well in your zone. Oregon Grape is also called Poor Man's Goldenseal for medicinal quality of its root. Also have Camas, quamash, I believe. Please let me know if you would like to do a trade later, next year. There still will be enough time to stratify all these seeds. Thank you, Irina

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marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)

Yes! I sent you an e-mail.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I have some Cushaw squash seeds. I would love to have some of your Rosa rugosa seeds.

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marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)

Sounds good!

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