update on my potatoes for ajsmama

michelelcJuly 31, 2012

Hi Ajsmama,

You asked a couple weeks ago for an update on my red norland and Yukon gold potatoes when I dug them up. I dug them today, which was 2 wks after they completely died back. I forgot to count how many plants I had of each, I think 4-5. I didn't get gigantic potatoes (which I was happy about), but average size. I got 5.5 lbs of YG and 6 lbs of RN. Below are pics. Sorry about chapstick, it was the only thing I had in my pocket to use for comparison for size :) This is only my second year growing, so I'm not sure if this is a good harvest, or not. I feel like there should have been more potatoes, but I have nothing to compare with. I'd say I got 2-4 potatoes per plant. My Red Pontiacs haven't died back yet, so they are still in the ground.

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This is my first year of trying them.

Been dry as of late.

I have only hilled them once and don`t see any coming out of the hilling so far.

Been 90 days.

My tomato plants became ground crawlers and guess where they went?

Onto the potatoes. Now I am not sure whether what has died off are a natural occurring event or an event of natural life.

The places where the tomatoes didn`t show up ( the potatoes ) are still green and going strong. They have already bloomed ( potatoes ) and it has been a month or so. Total time for the potatoes is 3 months.

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So about 1 lb from each plant? Hmm, I didn't keep really good records, but I think I dug about that much as new potatoes from mine. Yours are a nice size - and were they all clustered right under the stems, or were they more widely distributed? How deep did you hill them?

My plants are done - just dug the last of the Norlands and Golds yesterday for a new market today. Still have the Pontiacs going.

In fact, just with what was marketable, I got 3.75 lbs of YG yesterday (and at least that amount that was knobby, scabby, or chewed up), and 5 lbs of Norlands (and maybe another 2 lbs for us), another 2.5lbs of really small "creamer" size mixed. Think that was off about 30 Norlands (started from 4.88 lbs of seed) and 15 Golds (think it was about 2.5 lbs of seed). And this was the 3rd week digging, I've probably taken 30 lbs to market in 3 weeks from those 45 plants. I'd have to check to see what sold (and then figure how many we've eaten).

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I dont think you will see any potatoes coming out of the hills. I hilled twice, and had to dig down a few inches before I found any potatoes. Also, it depends on your variety, some take longer than others. I'm not an expert at all, but others will know if you post your variety. The potato plants need to be totally died back, meaning completely brown and dead, and then wait a couple weeks. I almost dug them a few weeks ago, and when I posted pics here (luckily before I dug), I was advised that what I thought was dead, wasn't, and that after they were completely dead, wait 2 more weeks to dig (at least). I think I could have waited longer than I did.

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Yes, that sounds about right, about 1 - 1.5 lbs. The potatoes were widely distributed, none right under the stem. I planted them on April 29. I didn't plant nearly as much as you! The row is about 8-10 ft and has all 3 varieties in it. I didn't do a great job of planting or watering them this year. I had surgery mid-april, so I was thankful to even get them in the ground with help from a friend. And, I didn't water as often as I should have. I learn a bit more every year. I didn't realize potatoes needed 1-2" of water per week until today when I decided to open one of my garden books and do a little reading (a bit late!). Last year I think we had more rain in May/June so I didn't need to water. I also think I could have left them in the ground another week, but I always get paranoid that something will eat them. I grow them at my community garden plot, and there are HUGE worms, which I think sometimes eat into the potatoes. Well, I'm satisfied with the harvest and it will be plenty for me. Next year I hope to start earlier, and try some fingerling varieties.

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