What kind of Pothos?

hermie3rd(5)February 1, 2014

Hi Everyone - I cut a piece of my MIL's pothos (I think, right? I didn't think it was a philodendron from everything I've read about the differences) a few months ago and stuck it in water. It has grown some pretty decent roots, so I placed it in soil/perlite by my kitchen window. The bottom leaves, which I'm assuming are pretty much full-grown, are quite a bit larger than any other of my pothos or philodendron plants I have, which is why I wanted a piece in the first place.

I'm just wondering if anyone can identify what type of pothos it is. I'm just curious.


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Hi...I can't help with the ID..just wanted t say I like the colors its very pretty...I really like these plants too...
but I can't grow them. I just can't keep them going...
how do you keep one of these growing....good luck with your new plant looks like you have a very good start....linda

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That's Epipremnum aureum, folks call it 'Golden Pothos.'


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Thanks Planto - I thought I had some golden pothos, but the leaves were quite a bit smaller. Are there different varieties of golden pothos?

And Emerald, I'm no plant expert, by any means. But I have successfully kept one of pothos for many years, and a few other pothos and philodendron for the last couple of years. What I've found that seems to work is keeping them in bright, indirect light, and watering only when dry. I've got mine in a 50/50 mixture of soil and perlite, and when they start getting a little leggy, I cut them back and re-root the cuttings in water. Then, I plant those back into the plant to help fill it out. Good luck! :)

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Oh - and make sure your pot has a drainage hole in the bottom, and don't allow the plant to sit in water. :)

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Well, technically most of the leaves you see on a Pothos are considered "juvenile" leaves. If allowed to climb on something (some people attach them to moss sticks for example, or if you're lucky and you live in a warm place where it doesn't freeze and you let it grow on your tree), they develop much larger leaves that are "mature."

For your question though, it's not abnormal for a Pothos to have various sized "juvenile" leaves. Sometimes it's not enough light and sometimes it's due to other factors (perhaps fertilization, etc). But, I don't think it's anything to worry about. Just adds character to the plant to have different sized leaves IMO.

I've added a link to my post where someone talked about mature versus juvenile leaves on vining plants (Pothos, Philodendron). Near the bottom of the post you'll find a picture of someone's Pothos climbing a tree. The leaves are a bit bigger.


Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb Post

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Thanks, Planto! That's really interesting to read! I just thought it was a different variety based on leaf size. I'm hoping I can have it maintain its larger leaves, so the information you've provided has been quite helpful. Thanks again!


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You're welcome. I'm glad to hear I helped.


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