have: for trade: hundreds of veggie varieties. :)

RiverHendrix(4)December 10, 2012

Here's what I have. I prefer to trade in small quantities of seeds so that I can trade with more people. Like, 3-5+ seeds for an equal amount per vegetable. I enjoy large trades as well. Small and large trades welcome. I'm from the mountains of Colorado. :) All of my seeds have been successful in our Zone 3 but will thrive in much higher zones of course. Looking forward to hearing from other green thumbs out there!

Pepper Variates::
Chocolate Beauty - 5-10 available
Mulato Isleno Pepper - 5-10 available
Yolo Wonder Pepper (A hybrid variety that produces more foliage for added sun protection, and is more disease resistant than the normal Wonder) - 5-10 available
Patio Fire Pepper (bears fruit that stick straight up in the air like fire, edible, and makes great borders) - 10-15 available
Red Belgian Pepper

Tomato Variates::
Black Blum Paste (Russian) - 10-15 available
Japanese Black Trifele - 5-10 available
Black Sea Man - 5-10 available
Chocolate Stripes - 5-10 available
Cream Sausage - 5-10 available
Cherokee Purple - 9 available
Black Cherry Tomato - 5-10 available
Green Zebra 5-10 available
Ananas Noire 3-5 available
Garden Peach (only a few available) - SPECIAL!! Will only trade for something equally spectacular =)

Squash Varieties::
Minnesota Midget Melon: 5-10 available
Galeux D'eysines Squash (french heirloom) - 6 available
Golden SUmmer Crookneck - 6 available
Japanese Red Kuri Squash - 3-5 available

Leafy Greens:
Yugoslavian Red Lettuce - 5-15 available
Edible Amaranth (Asian) - 15-20 available
Champion Collard Greens - 25-30 available
Red Acre Cabbage - 15-20 available
Red Russian Kale - 15-20 available
Ruby Red Lettuce - 5 - 10 available
Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale 10-15 available
Lacinto Kale (Dinasaur Kale) - 5-7 available
Mesculin Spicy Salad Mix - 50 available
Misome (Japanese leafy green that looks like spinach): 10-15 available
Pak Choi - 10-15 available
Japanese Bunching Red onion (extremely awesome variety!) - 15-20 available
Wild Arugula - 15-20 available
Ruby Lettuce - 10-15 available
Tatsoi - 5-10 available
Watercress - 30-40 avilable
Claytonia - 10-15 available
Chinese Cabbage (Michili) - 5-7 available
Saltwort - 5-15 available
Malabar Spinach Vine - 5 available

Shogoin Turnip
White Icicle Radish
Atomic Red Carrot - 10-15 available
Chiggia Beet - 5 available
White Egg Turnip - 15-20 available
Maxima Scorzonera - 5-10 available
Purple Olive Radish - 3-7 available
Jaune du doubs Carrot -5-15 available
Red Elephant Carrot 5- 15 available
Atomic Red Carrot - 5 - 15 available
Lunar White Carrot - 5-15 available
Watermelon Radish - 5-15 available
Easter Egg Radish (assortment of colors) - 5-20 available
Hamburg Parsley Root - 5 - 15 available
Walla Walla Sweet Onion - 5-15 available
Golden Beets - 5-10 available
Butter Slicer Beets - 5-10 available
Ostergruss Rosa Radish 5-15 available
SPECIAL - Grey Shallots - 5 -10 available - Will only trade for
other rare forms of Shallots and/or Garlic

Christmas Speckled Lima Beans - 10 available
Henderson's Bush Lima Bean
Hidasta Shield Figure

Giant Prague Celeriac - 5-7 available
Edible Mums 5-15 available
Sugar Ann Snap - 15 available
Kohlrabi - 15 available
Country Gentlemen Corn (a very unique variety, google it!) - 10 available
Rosa Bianca Eggplant - possibly 10 available
Romanesco Broccoli/Califlower - 5-10 available
Winged Asian pea - 3-5 available
Morado Corn - 5-10 available
Black Futzu pumpkin - 3-5 available

Italian Sweet Basil - 10-15 available
Fennel - 10-15 available
Rosemary - 10-15 available
Mammoth Dill - 10-15 available
Italian Oregano - 10-15 available
Chamomile (german) - 10-15
Lavender (french)

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Oh, for some reason it wouldn't let me 'EDIT' My post.
So, my small wanted list is:

GARLIC GARLIC GARLIC (Rare forms only)
Rare and Unusual EGGPLANTS! =)
Leafy Greens from around the world
Anything out of the ordinary

I'll also of course trade for common things as well. :)

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I would be interested in a swap. Please have a look at my list and let me know if you see anything that interests you. I am interested in your Mulato Isleno pepper and Red Belgian pepper.

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Hi there...I'm interested in your collards and kale ..that is if you would trade for the ordinary seed, do have basil and tarragon from my garden.

let me know, thanks


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little_minnie(zone 4a)

PLease look over my list. I would be interested in Red Kuri squash, red cabbage, red carrot, dill and sweet basil
and maybe more.

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