Favorite sprayer size?

changingitup(8 PDX)July 28, 2014

What is your favorite go to sprayer size? I stopped in harbor freight to pick one up and there was a 1.5 or 2 gallon. I decided on the 2 gallon because I thought it would be nice to mix up and have access to that much solution at a time but now I'm wondering if it's size and weight would make it too cumbersome. I plan on using it to spray my garden foliage, at the moment cukes with powdery mildew, in my small urban garden. This got me wondering if there is a size gardeners prefer?

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Problem with larger sprayers is mixing up more solution than you can use, and then you have to dump it out [where? this stuff can be toxic] and clean the sprayer.

I have larger and smaller sizes, and I keep the herbicide sprayers separate, never use them on crops or garden plants.

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loribee2(CA 9)

I have 4 all 1.5 gallon except for a 2 gallon one I keep water in.

1) Mix of copper fungicide and neem for aphids and fungus.
2) Bt for worms.
3) Round Up
4) Water (for watering seedlings and misting my concrete--I make garden art)

I think a bigger issue than size is making sure it is clearly marked with what's inside. And then I never change. Once I put something in it (except for the water one), that's what I use in it for life.

Also, like already mentioned, if you don't use it all in one season, you've got to get rid of the excess. I typically empty mine out at the end of summer so I can mix fresh next spring.

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changingitup(8 PDX)

This makes sense. It seems this sprayer may just be the first of many, not just a universal tool. With limited storage I try to keep it down to the necessities so any new thing coming in gets over analyzed. I kept thinking ease of use but it seemed large and awkward especially after I saw the shoulder strap. Guess I just had to try it. It was fine, pretty fun actually. I did find I couldn't empty the solution out of the same hole I put it in so I took off the pressure valve, which is just a tiny opening, and drained it through that. Am I missing something?

You did bring up a new question. How/Where do you dispose of the liquids you don't use ?

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I use a two gallon sprayer.

The only things I spray are Spinosad (rarely), Bt (often), neem oil & clove oil for fungus (often), and micronutrients (occasionally during plant establishment - I have highly alkaline soil). I use the same sprayer for all these. If you use herbicides, make sure you have a dedicated sprayer for that.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Here's a little something to remember: many of the pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.) that we use in our garden are not stable once they are mixed with water. RoundUp, Bt, Spinosad, insecticidal soaps, etc. are perfect examples of products that lose their viability or potency quite quickly once mixed. This is very true with the strong, toxic chemicals, too.

That means that we should not be making up more solution at any time than we are going to use immediately. Each and every time we need to apply something, we should estimate how much water will be needed to get the job done, then calculate the exact amount of product for the volume of water.

Being careful about mixing up only what we intend to use at any given time solves the issue about what to do with the excess. There shouldn't be any! USE IT. However, should there be leftover stuff, it should be applied to the same location until it's all gone. Then, fill the sprayer up with clear water and apply the rinsate to that same area, too. It's not lawful to dump these products down a drain or on the soil.

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