thnx/xmas cactus

tkazFebruary 10, 2012

I have been thinking about getting one of these for quite sometime now. Been doing some research on how to take care of them and I getting closer to a final decision on getting one!

I do have a couple of questions though. When it is off season and the flowers are not in bloom, is there a way to tell what color you are getting? And what is the difference between a thnx giving one vs an x-mas one? They both look the same to me from what I can tell.

Going to be looking around for a good one this weekend and hopefully be able to bring one home!

Thnx for any advice

~ Tkaz

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Tkaz,

If you switch over to the Cactus & Succulent Forum 'next door' as it were, you can do a search for "Holiday Cactus" & you'll find almost all the info you've asked for (including how to tell the diff bwtn the two).

I'm unaware nor have a heard of a way to tell what the color will be when they're not in bloom, sorry, I think one has to wait that out.

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Howdy....been a long time since we've

Unless you know a local store that has Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus left over from the holidays, or an online nursery, considering the time of year you're more likely to find Easter Cactus.
EC flowers differ from Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus, but they're very pretty, come in different colors, too.

Usually, when CC/TC are sold during the holidays, they're either in bud or flowering..therefore you'd know their color. Also, most have labels w/flower color. Unless someone removes tags and places in a different pot.

When you buy online, plants and cuttings have tags w/color and name.

Difference between CC and TC

CC have smooth leaves.

TC leaf segments have tiny, pointed teeth, hence the names Crab or Claw Cactus.

TC bloom earlier than CC. EC bloom later than both CC and TC.

Even though stores mark Holiday Cactus, Christmas Cactus, they're really Thanksgiving Cactus.

It's difficult finding a true CC.

Some sellers on Ebay sell true CC cuttings..Cuttings are easy rooters.

Good luck, and have fun plant shopping, toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

CC don't have smooth leaves, their edges are rounded & look so as compared to those of the Thanksgiving cactus, which are pointed & jagged. This is shown in detailed drawings, side by side for comparison at some of the areas I mentioned for you to search Holiday Cactus (sorry, I don't know how to provide links).

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val1(z4 UT)

I am new to the Holiday Cactus too. I purchased a Thanksgiving Cactus in December and loved it so much. As I was searching for information, I found the link below which was very helpful in explaining the different types: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. I cannot remember where I found it but it was most likely somewhere here on Gardenweb. I hope it helps. I was fortunate enough to find a true Christmas at a local nursery. I am excited to find an Easter Cactus to round out my collection.

I have seen Thanksgiving Cactus still for sale at a couple of stores. Hopefully, you will be able to find one.

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Go to the site that you want to provide a link to.

Copy that address from your browser window - right click and copy.

Insert that link into your message or the window that GW provides in the message template - the optional link URL (if it's an initial posting that window will pop up in the preview mode) and name it whatever you want it to.

You've got link then.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aloe juvenna and Aloe squarrosa Square Off

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