HAVE: 2 Newbie Packs

beautifulreddahlias(6a)December 27, 2013

I have 2 Newbie pack for SASBE. You MUST be a new member with a sign up date of May 2013 to present.
I know this sounds specific but I have done newbie packs in the past and found that there are a couple of members who sign up for all the newbie posts and have been members for a few years.
These packs are meant for new comers just starting out.

Please make sure your email link is up and running so I can contact you. There are a lot of seeds for both the packs so make sure you have at least 5.00 in stamps sent to me. Whatever I don't use I will return to you with the seeds.
Most of the seeds are generic but there are some harder to find seeds as well. There will also be multiples of some of the seeds that you can use for trades to get you started.

When you post if you could put a little blurb about yourself and how you got into gardening I would love to hear about you!!!!

Nina (Beautifulreddahlias)

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I am wondering if you would be willing to trade some of your Echinachea Big Sky for some dark burgundy hollyhocks. I have tons and I also have tons of sunflower seeds from huge sunflowers. I would be fine with just a sase.


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Thank you for your generosity to new gardeners! I might be interested in a seed packet, but i was wondering what seeds were included. I wanted to know if the seeds would grow in my zone. I live in zone 9b southern california, I got started in gardening by my grandma, and then really into my own garden when i made a life style change and wanted to make green smoothies packed with all kinds of amazing nutrients. Its much cheaper to grow the food organically in my own yard than to by organic from the stores. I would love to take a look at what kinds of seeds you have.

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Sent you a pm :)

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Hi Nina. I would be greatly interested in the newbie packs. We just moved to a new house and I'm thinking of planting my first garden this spring. I have done some minor planting in pots last year at our old house as we had no room for an actual garden with my two girls (we grew tomatoes and strawberries) and we absolutely loved it. The girls (2 & 4) would check the plants each day and ate ripe fruit right off the plants (including the tomatoes) and I'm looking forward to doing it with them this year. I joined today to get ideas on what to plant and how to start the seeds etc. and would love any seeds that you have to share.

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Hello My name is Shane, And I live in Westmoreland country of PA, A rich farmland county and I have been thinking of getting into the farming business.

I do not have much money to start with, and am looking to use this season as a chance to test my market by growing out multiple crops and taken surveys at the farmer markets.

My operating cost is very low to enter, and I have been looking at way to expand my seed collections from the store bought ones I have from my 5 years of gardening.

Thats how I found this site, and really hope if I invest in some stamps you would be willing to help a future farmer out!

I would be also willing to pay for the stamps for the 2nd package to be sent to another newbie who might not have the funds, as a way to help pay it forward!

Please let me know.


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Do you have any newbie packs still available?

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Hi, I just discovered and joined the site tonight, maybe an hour ago. I guess that probably qualifies me as a newb!

I'm so excited to discover that something like this exists. I almost feel at a loss for words, my excitement is so overwhelming.

I recently got back into gardening. I was obsessed with it when I was younger, and this last year, that obsession has flared to life again. For years, I've been interested in herbalism and now, also, in the movement towards non-GMO food.

Thanks so much for all your efforts in seed saving, and contributing to us newbs. Hope to hear from you. :)

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I just found this site tonight as well...very excited about it! I have done a few small gardening projects and some container gardening but have recently moved to a place where I can plant a larger garden. I am very excited about being able to feed my family some healthier food! Thank you for the work you do collecting these seeds for us newbies!

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I have given both packs away. Thanks to all who responded

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