Rubber tree Burgundy?

Moosetrackz(9)February 21, 2012

Hi everyone.

I got a rubber tree from Home Depot the other day and the pot said it was a rubber tree burgundy but from what I see online it doesn't look dark enough. Is this from not bright enough light like I suspect?

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Hey Moose...glad you're back. Hope you're well.

No, your new F.Rubber Tree is NOT Burgundy in any way, shape or form..It's variegated.

Notice the pink?
Burgundy is a solid, dark red, slightly deep purple.

It's a pretty RT though...Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

It's quite common for these tags to get jumbled around at box stores while the plants are on the shelf.

I'm at work & the plants at home, but I believe the wrong tag was in the pot, I have both these variegated Ficus(es) (Rubber Plants) & yes, the Burgundy is much darker than your pic. I'll try to take a pic of mine in a few days.

The Burgundy is variegated as well (I think) & as I recall just a much darker one than pictured above.

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Hi Toni :) Its nice to be back!
So its just a regular variegated rubber tree? I have another variegated rubber tree but its not pink like this one. Is it some kind of different variety of variegated tree cuz my other one isnt pink at all. Heres a pic of them together.

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birdsnblooms've been away so long, thought you gave up on GW. :)

When I bought my variegated RT at a too was green and white..The first two maybe three years, it did nothing..didn't grow, color, anything.

I repotted, placed in brighter light, etc. It then took off..In summer, it's green, white and pink.

It's possible yours is a different variety..if you Bing/Google images, although 2-3 different colored RT's are variegated, some have different cultivar names.

Then again, color is a possible light issue. In some cases, no two trees are alike.

You know, I looked at your RT IS different. A BIG difference. I love the white edging.

Moose, what do you mean, 'so it's just a regular variegated rubber tree?' lol..Variegated plants are the prettiest. lol..Although I agree Burgundy is nice, too..A true Burgundy..

Mooose, don't be a stranger. Miss seeing you, hugs, Toni

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Hey Toni
I've just been busy and a bit bummed over winter. Several of my house plants caught the mealybugs this winter and I lost 3 of them including my favorite, Senecio rowleyanus. I was pretty upset about it. :( I managed to save some cuttings from it at least but I loved that plant!
Anyway, Im looking forward to this season and all my new plants flourishing in the warm months. (hopefully! lol)I really like F. Rubber Trees and they seem to do well here. Ive seen my older variegated tree have red new leaves when its been really bright outside but they turn to white/variegated when they mature.
I love variegated plants too, even if they are harder to grow sometimes. I just got a little variegated succulent. I don't know what it is but I hope it makes a good hanging basket cuz thats what I put it in lol.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Moose,

Nice Crassulas together in that pot, the green & white variegate is also a Crassula, maybe perforata or rupestris, VERY nice.

Sorry to tell you this, but I believe that pot is wayyyy toooo big for that group of plants, they all rather be in pots not more than an inch around in diameter. Otherwise it increases the danger of rot (w/ all that extra mix to stay wet too long).

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marquest(z5 PA)

Hi Moose, I picked that one up last year. Google Ficus Elastica 'Belize,

The other if there is no pink that one is Ficus elastica 'Variegata'. I do not have that one

If it has some pink it is Ficus elastica 'Tricolor' I have this one it is green white and pink.

I also have burgundy and it is a dark purple/black and pink when in full before it puts out the new leaves.

These are Burgundy and Tricolor

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Went home & checked last night. I don't have the burgundy one, just the pink which Marquest showed above & called Belize. I think that's the one I've got.

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Moose, so many people feel down during winter. SADS ya know?
Feb is my least favorite month; I detest February.

I'm trying to think positive.:) March is a week away..although in IL, March and Apr can be just as cold and bleak as Jan and Feb. We got hit with one huge snow storm in the month of April, back in the 70's. So bad, people left their cars in the middle of the streets, wherever they happened to be..Some people couldn't get home so they stayed at work overnight. Even buses were left on the street.

Our planting time used to be Apr's now May 15th.

So, I know how you feel...think spring :)

What's going on with Mealy? They've been attacking plants, more than usual, the last three winters.

Moose, I had about 30 African Violets. HAD. Two winters ago, they were covered w/Mealy. I did everything possible, yet the little sh*** lingered.
I got so upset, 'last summer,' all but two went in the trash. Out of those discarded, one was started from seed, others purchased 2004/6.
What are you using to rid them? Rubbing Alcohol doesn't work..Maybe it would if there was one Mealy. lol.

Are you saying, 'RP' leaves, when young, have red/pink, but as it matures, they turn green and white?
I thought you meant, once days shorten, less light, your RP loses red tones, but remains green and white.

Niether pic is my green? RP Burgandy? It's the very first plant in front and snapped a couple days ago.

Variegated--pic taken days ago, one in summer
Same plant

I don't get it. BTW, I like Rubber Trees, but they take too much room. This is my plan which may or may not be successful.
I'm going to cut all but one branch. Stake upright. See if both bushy plants grow Standard. Tree-shape.
What do you think?
Wish there was a thread with instructions, but I can't find any info. your new Crassulas. They look like Pagoda types. Stacked.
Funny, I got C. Pagoda for Valentine's Day..a baby, but cute. Yours are MUCH the variegated. Once plants fill out, you're going to have one beautiful dish garden.

Howdy Marquest..Are edges on your green? RT pink/red?
Notice how dark colors on 'top' tree are? Lower RT is much lighter in color.
Certain times of year, my variegated looks dark, other times light. I don't get it.
Before digital cameras, I took pics of plants..'paper.' You can see the difference in colors throughout the year. Wonder why it changes? It's green and white now, but once outdoors it has pink hues. Another light issue?

Marquest, what's your opinion chopping all but one branch to make a standard from a bushy RT? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Morning Toni, it looks like Burgundy to me. It has that dark leaf with the pink stem. The other one is the Tricolor.

I think it would work as a standard. Mine was growing into a standard because all the lower leaves had dropped. I had to nick it to get it to start branching. I like the branching. lol

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Marquest. thanks. Did you cut all side branches?
I like bushy trees, too, but they take too much room, something my house is lacking. lol.

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Thanks for all the info guy. :)

Hey Toni. Sorry about your violets. Thats a big hit to take. Luckily I only had 3 indoor plants at the time of the mealy invasion.

I ment that my variegated rubber tree has reddish young leaves that turn white and green when they mature. It looks like yours where the top leaves are reddish but not the bottom ones. That is an impressive tree! I hope mine gets that large someday. My tree seems a bit slow growing.

I had never seen the Crassulas at home depot before so when I saw them I had to pick a few up. They are so interesting looking. I also grabbed a really nice kumquat tree for just $23.(sounded like a steal to me) I've never had a fruit tree before but from what I've read they're one of the easier trees to grow here in southern California.

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Howdy Marquest,

My variegated RT is like a Chameleon, lol. After chopping both trees down to one stem, oh boy, lol

Oh, I love your Kumquat. Yes, it's worth the cost.
You keeping it in a pot or ground?
They're fantastic fruit'll see.

Before I forget..variegated RT's grow a little slower than green. Don't know about burgundy.

Marquest, I feel like running to HD to see if they have Crassulas, lol..thanks..hehe.
Dh would kill me if I came home w/more plants after Valentine's
I love your Crassulas...

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Here's my Ficus elastica (pink), don't recall what they called it (maybe 'Belize' as mentioned above):

(oops, sorry a bit blurry)

Here's another shot, better focus, more glare, less quilt ;>)

a more overall view (hoping it shows both ficus)

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Toni, Im keeping my kumquat tree potted. All my plants are potted. I can't plant anything in the ground here in my tiny apartment yard. Someday when I live in a house with a nice big yard and better lighting options I'm going to have so many more plants lol.
My boyfriend already gives me disapproving looks when I come home with new plants cuz I have so many in our tiny yard. Its his fault anyway! He asked me if I was any good at growing plants cuz thats the only thing the apartments will let us use to block our patio from anyone being able to see into our apartment. Well I sure could grow plants as it turned out! So he started my gardening hobby and now he has to deal with it! lol

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Karen, your RT has lots of pink. Each leaf differs though.
The tallest, 'back leaf' looks mostly white. Very nice.

Is the quilt, 'can't recall proper name' hanging on the wall, a quilt you designed and made? It's beautiful.

Hey Moose, that's right, it's your b/f's fault..Blame him! lol. Too funny..

Potted or not, Kumquats are excellent fruit producers.
The pic won't expand, so can't see if fruit are round or oblong.
Is your 'quat, Meiwa or Nagami? Or another type?

Hey, have any other windows that needs blocking? lol. Block all, lol.

Hope you get a house soon. Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni I am sorry I did not see your question. I did not cut any limbs it was just growing at the top and the stem was getting taller.

Al said to nick the stem and it would branch out. I nicked it that summer and I started getting stems on the lower bare stem. I wanted it to bush out. That is why I said I did not think you would have trouble making it a topiary.

When I saw them growing in the ground in Puerto Rico the bottom had a big trunk and they had leaves at the top like the trees we have in our northern climate. I think that is why they loose their lower leaves because they are tuned to be trees with a canopy from what I observed.

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Marquest, bet the Ficus trees in PR are beautiful.
My son's friend lives in PR..he sometimes sends pictures. He knows I love plants, so he makes sure to include plant photos. :)

Thick trunks is what I'm after.

You knicked the trunk so it'd branch, how do I do the opposite? lol.

In one way I feel bad cutting branches, you know? These two trees have been with me for years, since little guys. The variegated was barely alive when I found it sitting outside, very cold temps, at KMart.

But, it has to be done.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Yes the plants in Puerto Rico are awesome. I love seeing the house plants I grow in the ground and how they could look if I could only grow them outside where space is not a issue.

I would just cut them off. Maybe you could root the limbs and offer them on the trade side. I love all of mine. I am like you but I did not find mine outside in the cold. I found it in a corner in a Nursery that sells flower arrangements and it was an extra piece he had left over from making a basket. He sold it to me for 1.00. lol The Burgundy, and Belize I purchased in 4" pots at the nursery.

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Toni, my kumquats are oblong shaped. I think that makes them nagami?

When do these trees usually fruit? I heard the fruit ripen in cold weather is that true? I've also heard that some places they can fruit year round.
Unfortunately the only window in my house is the sliding glass door to the patio. :( I wish I had more options for different lighting! A bathroom window would be awesome but I guess thats the price I pay for apartment living. Someday my boyfriend and I will go house hunting and I'll be looking for a house with many windows!

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I just picked up at Walmart the Ficus elastica that keeps the burgundy red blush even after the leaf matures,unlike the cream and white type. I have the latter also growing outdoors and its a real eye catcher here in the San Francisco bay area.
Finding this old post helps. 'Belize' huh? I will look into that...

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