Alocasia Yellowing... Can I stop it from going dormant?

September_JenkinsFebruary 10, 2013

Is there a way to prevent my Alocasia ("African Mask" variety) from going dormant?
I have at least 7 tubers dormant (I assume, no leaves) and I have one I just brought home from the nursery with slight yellowing setting into the leaves. How do I keep the leaves living year round or at least delay the loss?


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Bright to medium light, warmth, and using a mix that drains freely and that does not allow salt toxicity should do the trick.


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I'd agree, keeping it warm with good light, not direct sun. I have a few of these I keep outdoors under the shade of trees. They'll go dormant if they dry out too much, but too wet could make them rot.

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Any way to bring them out of dormancy?

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i've been reading about it on in aroid forum. basically if you put the pot on a heat mat and bag it to incerease humidity - it'll wake up. soil should be at 70F minimum. 70F-90F is fine. i am looking into using regular heating pad for now to wake up the bulbils that i harvested. will be also potting my alocasia polly tubers too soon. but usually people use heating 'propagation' mats.

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